So, you recently found out that your partner has cheated on you and you may be feeling a rush of different emotions like anger, sadness, and betrayal.

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You may also be wondering if you will ever be able to love again.

The feeling of hurt and betrayal is normal in this type of situation, but it is important to understand several things when are faced with this type of situation:

1. You will be able to love again.

Although this may seem extremely far from your thought process right now, you will be able to love again.

Right now may not be a good time to jump into anything because you are still emotionally tangled and you need to take total control of the situation before attempting to move on.

You don’t want to drag someone into this type of mess… no one deserves that.

2. Don’t sit at home listening to Raheem Devaughn.

You have to stay as close to reality as possible. Locking yourself in your room will not get the job done, it will actually make the situation worse.

And listening to love music, such as, Raheem Devaughn or Usher will only pull you into a deeper whole of sadness and depression.

Go hang out with your friends, have fun! This will help take  your mind off of things that are bothering you.

3. You weren’t the problem.

Far too many people who get cheated on end up feeling as if it was their fault they were betrayed. More often than not, this is not the case.

YOU were not the problem, your ex-partner is the problem for not being man/woman enough to express to you how they really felt and decided to take the cowards way out by cheating.

4. Rebuild your self confidence.

Use the alone time to worry about yourself because you’ve spent however many months or years investing time and effort in someone else who took advantage of you and the situation.

Let this time be about YOU and no one else.

5. Don’t be afarid to meet new people.

If you’re scared to put yourself back on the market, that’s fine. You don’t have to right away.

But you also shouldn’t limit yourself from having fun and meeting new people. Creating harmless friends/relationships will help you, once again, keep your mind off of your ex and work toward moving forward instead of standing still.

6. Be happy!

Be mature about the situation. Although it hurts, understand that you two weren’t meant to be together.

I have a strong theory about relationships: You shouldn’t have to work so hard at trying to be with someone you are SUPPOSE to be with…it should just FLOW. If you find yourself at odds and ends with someone you are dating, chances are, you are too different or too whatever to make it work.

If it doesn’t flow, take it as a sign for you to keep it moving until you find someone who moves you the right way.

Love yourself!


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