Why Are We So Obsessed with Will & Kate?

Let’s face it. Even if you don’t want to admit you were up at 4 a.m. to watch the wedding festivities of the now-Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, don’t be embarrassed.

You were one of millions.

Obviously, this wedding was going to draw attention due to the sheer amount of media coverage and the fascination with the royal family, but there is a much bigger, more significant reason why our eyes were glued to the TV.

Wedding bands
Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I think we all lack a sense of traditional relationships in our lives and all the fascination with the wedding of William and Kate has played into this. We subconsciously crave tradition and want a relationship with an actual courtship — not just a series of one-night stands that happens to lead into a relationship.

As much as we look back on older decades with disdain and claim our generation is best, there is still a lot we can learn from other generations. Oh yanno, back in the days when you had to actually call someone you are interested and (GASP) talk to them in person instead of texting or Facebook chatting? Yeah, as hard as it is to believe, people actually did that.

There is still respectability in tradition and following suit of what your elders have done. Just because your parents did it that way, doesn’t mean you have to rebel and do everything just for the sake of being different.

It is still possible to have a traditional relationship in the 24/7 world we live in — it’s just finding the courage and time to do it. What stops you from calling him or her instead of texting the night away? Just because texting and social media is the way of the present — and the future — doesn’t mean you have to rely on it.

Don’t be afraid to be different. Do what feels natural. If picking up the phone feels more natural to you than spitting out a 140-character Tweet at a girl/boy you’re interested in, then do what you’re comfortable with.

If that doesn’t convince you, maybe this will: William and Kate didn’t stay together so long because they Facebook chatted — they actually had to interact in real life.

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