College Cure Your Back To School Nerves: 3 Tips for Meeting the Kind of People You Want to Meet

Is it really mid-July already? That means about two months ‘til school starts, and two months ‘til it’s prime people-meeting time. Whether it’s your first year at school and you’re looking to make new friends or you’re returning to school and looking to expand your circle and network, the beginning of fall semester is a great time to really push yourself and meet people. That said, read on for three tips on how to not only meet people, but on how to meet the type of people you genuinely want to meet!


Students Meeting

1. Look in the mirror

No, I’m not talking about how you look- I’m talking about how you project yourself. Sometimes, you need to stop and look at the type of people that you’re attracting based on how you act. For example, it’s like the friend who complains about how all the guys she picks up are only interested for a no-strings-attached night. But, is she meeting these guys at Friday night mixers where drinks and bikinis are the norm?


You can’t expect to meet the people you want to unless you’re operating on their same wavelength. It’s like going to a bar and hoping to meet the type of guy who doesn’t much prefer alcohol. Yeah, it could happen. But why not try somewhere else?


So, really take some time to concentrate on the image you’re projecting. I’m definitely not saying to change who you are. I’m just saying that if you want to make a new type of connection, maybe try something new!


2. Make it happen

So, you’ve made it your goal to make some seriously good connections this year that will help you in next year’s hunt for corporate internships. That’s great! But what are you gonna do about it? You can’t expect to make connections without trying (unless you’re purely depending on luck, in which case see tip #3). Set up  meetings, make phone calls, and attend events where you know you’ll have an ability to mingle with people who can possibly help you in the future.


Also, professors are great contacts to have. If there’s a certain professor that is powerful in her area of study, take her class and really get to know her. That could also make for a great letter of recommendation!


“Making it happen” also works for the realm of everyday friends. If you want to make friends that are goal-oriented and focused on classes, look to join a study-based or future-forward organization, such as English/Physics/Math/etc. club or AED (for pre-health majors).  Sometimes, expanding your circle of acquaintances takes expanding your realm, as well.



 3. Let it happen

Despite all your attempts to meet, mingle, and mix your way into a stellar group of friends, sometimes the best meetings you have will be courtesy of Lady Luck. So, give luck a big target to find. Let yourself be open to meetings!


Are you a freshman living in a dorm? Keep your door open (during the day, of course) to encourage people to come in and say hello! I met almost all of my best friends this way during my freshman year.  Have you found yourself on an elevator ride with the head of your major’s department? Introduce yourself! Sure, you may not much feel like talking on your way back from an 8 AM philosophy exam, but that’s no reason not to let a good connection happen!


No matter what, you’re going to meet tons of people and make all sorts of contacts. Just keep these three tips in mind to really energize your circle of friends! From your friends here at CollegeCures, good luck!

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