Welcome to The Jungle: An Exploration of Jungle Juice

College is a whole new world. There are many things that you have never seen before, lurking around every corner. From new organizations and clubs, promoting the most bizarre interests, to different foods, it truly is a unique experience.

And of course, there are the beverages.

Jungle Juice is a mind boggling concoction of liquor, usually mixed with juices, designed to serve a large crowd of people at a usually reasonable cost. Two handles of cheap vodka (Vladmir, Crown Russe, Dubra, etc), can cost around $30 and make for economy-priced mass drunkenness.

The simplicity, adaptability, and cost make jungle juice the perfect college beverage.

It is served out of nearly any large receptacle, from buckets and Gatorade coolers to plastic trashcans designated specifically for the purpose.

Liquors used include everclear, gin, rum, vodka, or tequila. Nearly any blend of fruit juice is acceptable, although orange, pineapple, and apple seem to be staples. Many fruits are included as well, often consumed after absorbing alcohol. Fruits and alcohol are usually mixed the day before a party, while non alcoholic liquids are added the day of, to allow the fruits to soak up alcohol.

Jungle Juice from CollegePartyGuru.com
One of the many Jungle Juice variations


Caribou Lou

1 ½ Part 151 Proof Bacardi Rum

1 Part Malibu Rum

5 Parts Pineapple Juice


Cup of Gin, Cup of Vodka, Cup of Rum, Cup of Pineapple Juice

Gallon of Fruit Punch

Sliced Cherries, Oranges and Strawberries

Can of Crushed Pineapple

Amazon Swill

1 part Gin, 1 part Rum, 1 part Peach Schnapps, 1 part Sour Raspberry Pucker, 1 part Tequilla, 1 part Vodka, 1 part Triple Sec

7 Parts Fruit Punch


2  1.75 Liter Bottles Vodka

1 Container Country Time Lemonade

2 Liters Fresca

Crushed Ice to fill container

Remember, you can always add variation to your Jungle Juice. Literally anything that comes to mind can work!

Have fun, be creative, and welcome to the Jungle.

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