Valentine’s Day for Singles: What to Do When You Are Alone on Valentine’s Day

For some singles, Valentine’s Day can be hard or even dreadful. Before January is even over, heart-shaped balloons, red and pink roses and mushy couples can be an eye-sore, but fret not; Valentine’s Day can be enjoyable for singles as well.

Valentine's Day

There are plenty of activities for you to do on Valentine’s Day without the Valentine’s Day pressure of finding a date or spending money on an expensive dinner or gift!

Consider some the following tips to help you get through V-Day with your sanity in tact:


Have a day out where you can pamper yourself.

Go out and spoil yourself by buying flowers or going to the spa.

Head to the store and buy yourself that item you have been saving for or splurge on an impulse buy.

Take yourself out to lunch or go for a drink after work or class. Treat yourself to a tasty dessert or that appetizer you have been eyeing.

Not in the mood to go out? Why not make a list about all of the things you are thankful for in your life? OR make a list of all the reasons you love yourself: your personality, your hair, your ability to make others laugh, etc.

Dedicate that day to yourself because no one loves you more than you!

That’s What Friends Are For!

Plan a dinner date or a movie with your single friends or family members. Or even better, throw a “singles party.”

Gather up your friends who are not going out on Valentine’s Day and go out to dinner or for drinks. Throw a party to watch your favorite series or movie and forget all about being single.

There’s nothing wrong with hitting the club on Valentine’s Day either; why not dance your troubles away with your greatest friends who won’t bring you down on this somewhat dreaded day.

As long as you’re in the company of good friends, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Adopt A Furry Friend

Hate being alone? Having a pet around the house can help ease the idea of being lonely on Valentine’s Day. Pets make great companions, so go out there and find one that fits you.

You don’t have to go for the expensive dog or cat either; try a fish or hamster; both are great pets and will keep you busy and distracted on Valentine’s Day.

Spread The Love

As a college student, you’re probably looking for community service hours. Do something nice for someone else like helping restore a park or volunteering for a Valentine’s event for the community.

Why not bring some Valentine’s Day cards and candy to the children’s hospital and pass out some love? The kids will love being around you and getting a cute card and some holiday treats are sure to lift their spirits.

Think About This

If you’re bummed out about not having a Valentine this year, don’t be. Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for people to make money. Understand that Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday.

It’s not about the love you share with another person. It’s about selling anything that’s red and cute with “be mine” written on it.

Don’t allow the status of your relationship to define who you are. Love yourself and those who already love you and remember that you don’t need a day out of the year to remind them of this fact.

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