Things to Do On-Campus: 5 Things to Jazz Up College Life

You spend plenty of time on-campus; you go to class, head to the student union, hit up the bookstore and maybe even the gym.

But do you ever have fun while your visiting campus grounds? Whether you live on or off-campus, you should try to further your college experience by taking advantage of everything there is to offer.

Head to the Student Theater

While I can’t speak for every college, I know mine has a really nice theater complete with a popcorn and candy station so it was just like the real movie-going experience.

Grab some friends and check out what’s playing in your student theater during the week or on the weekends; chances are, your school will be playing something fresh and new from the box office or a classic that you don’t mind watching over and over again.

Aside from not having to drive off-campus to catch a flick, your student theater tickets are most likely cheaper than those you would find in a traditional theater.

Take a lovely walk around campus

You have probably never really appreciated the beauty of your campus, but now that spring is on it’s way through campus, your school’s landscape may be blooming with little flowers, grass sprigs and all sorts of little fuzzy friends running around.

Instead of cooping yourself up in your dorm or apartment watching television, take advantage of a nice day and head onto campus by yourself or with a friend and get some sun, exercise and enjoy yourself.

At my school, we would make a trip out of the walk and head somewhere fun like the dairy bar, a restaurant on the other side of campus or even walk to another dorm to see our friends.

old fashioned picnic basket

Plan a picnic

Now that spring is getting closer, it’s time to start doing more stuff outside, so why not plan a fun picnic with your roommates or significant other? There are plenty of grassy or nice places on your campus you can choose to have your picnic so pick a spot and start planning.

Make it fun by having everyone bring something to the table: one person can cook the food, one person can buy the packaged goods, one person brings the stuff to sit on, the other people can bring the wine or beverages.

Turn it into an outdoor party by bringing an iHome or something portable to play some tunes while you guys eat, drink and be merry!

Study outside

Who says you have to do work inside? If you have an exam coming up or you just need to read a couple of chapters, why not head outside and enjoy studying in the sun, with friends or a study group?

Grab all of your study materials and put them into a bag so you don’t lose anything, find a spot outside your dorm or apartment and get comfy.

There is nothing better than relaxing in the sun and enjoying the company of a friend while you review flashcards, read over a chapter, or even just blow off steam talking about how hard your early-day exam was.

Walking the dog

Offer to walk your friends dog

I KNOW you have friends who have pets on or off-campus so why not hit them up and ask to take their furry friend on a walk through campus?

Your friend’s pet could use the exercise and so could you, so why not strap on the leash and walk him/her on-campus, all the while getting stopped as people gush over how cute the dog is and what an awesome owner “you” are for talking him/her for a walk.

You and the dog will get some exercise and you’ll feel good for helping out your friend.

While there are tons of things to do on-campus, this article is really to remind you of all the things your college campus has to offer.

Whether you are checking out an event at the student union or hitting up a cafe, don’t neglect your college grounds because now is the best time to take advantage!

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