The Next Chapter: A Path To Segue Your Life From College To Real World Successes

The fast approaching and sometimes dreaded segue from your merely apathetic academic years in college to a career in a world that is often deemed ruthless can appear aimless and overwhelmingly stressful.  But does it have to be that way?

You have to look the part in order to act the part. In order to act the part, you must know the part. In order to know the part, you must learn the part.

Research and preparation are timeless.  For many, it is excruciatingly difficult to deflate a college mindset and mold it to surround only that of what occurs post-graduation.  For many, that process begins late in their college career and continues well into their mid-20’s.  Do not embrace the majority — GET AHEAD!

We have been born into an extremely innovative and more importantly highly opportunistic generation.  The resources at our disposal are, or at least appear to be, limitless.  Without drive and discipline, it will become increasingly difficult to maximize productivity in search of and in execution of professional aspirations.

Believe it or not, the Internet expands beyond the minute selection of social networks so many individuals find themselves glued to in aid of procrastination or wasting time.  Although many use it loosely, StumbleUpon can actually offer the chance to discover some really useful articles and websites to assist in personal and professional development.

Aside from research, begin exploring new hobbies and interests.  What may start as a hobby can potentially become a passion.  Being well-rounded makes you more marketable.  Set manageable, attainable goals and develop them at a rational, progressive pace.  You will find that this technique of pushing yourself to grow in maturation will help you accelerate your career and your well-being.


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