It’s just another week in college and, as usual, you saved all your homework until Sunday night (don’t worry, you’re certainly not the only one). You’re flying through a French essay or a Orgo lab but it all goes downhill when you boot up the Internet. Sure, it starts out innocent enough: you just need to get a verb conjugation or the molarity of some solution. However, quicker than you can say “total procrastination”, you find yourself on Facebook or YouTube and proceed to stay there for a couple of hours. Now, I’m not down on using the Internet for recreational use (my Internet history would suggest the opposite).  But there are better—dare I say smarter?—alternatives.

Three are listed below:

Sporcle I’ve listed Sporcle before, but let this serve as a testimony to how I can’t get enough of it. In case you don’t know, Sporcle tests your brainpower by quizzing you on everything from listing all the countries in the world to Oscar movie titles that are one word. It’s a lot of fun…and you might even learn something from it!

Listverse Discovering Listverse a grand total of four days ago, I can now tell you 10 great historical impostors, 10 misconceptions about nudism, and 10 ways to make a great top 10 list. You’re welcome. You’re in a music rut? NOT ANYMORE. will give you music you’ll want to listen to over and over again once you create a profile and list some bands you already love. It’s the perfect way to find quality study music and it’s free.


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