Today I was pondering the things life may bring us and the lessons learned on our solitary journey.  Hope has always pushed me forward no matter what is happening in my life.   I think back on lifes many events and cross-roads I’ve encountered.  “Wow” I wonder, why have things been so hard?  Then I realize these have been my life lessons. Some aren’t very pleasant at all, but others bring upon overwhelming joy.  I’d like to share lessons that have been helpful in my life.

The Gift of Love

I recall all the times I received or gave unconditional Love.   Love doesn’t point out faults or shortcomings; true love is a remedy to pain and sorrow.  Love is something you can trust and is usually given to us by a loving parent, close friend, family member, girl/boyfriend or spouse.  When I look back, its these times of giving or receiving love that I will always remember and know have been my greatest gifts.

Giving love will change your life by creating wonderful memories you share with someone else. Begin by establishing the right attitude then by lending a hand and helping others. It’s very simple, a kind word or action, even just being there to listen.  Give someone your time.

Solve Relationship Issues with Forgiveness

Then you have the hard times in relationships that are painful and upsetting.  If only we could have just enjoyed each others’ company despite what others said.  We think of how we should have acted, what our reaction should have been and how we didn’t always mean what we said.  Instead of pointing blame we can solve the situation by showing as much love as possible. Sometimes we’d like to hope the other person sees how they’ve been wrong, but what about ourselves? It’s important to remember forgiveness, second chances and reconciliation, these are things that everyone deserves. Yet another life lesson that I’ve only learned through experience.

Embrace all people and experiences

I have become close and experienced many precious people in my life,  even those that were only around for a short time.  Each and every person has been special to me and I learned that each and every person has made a big difference in my life some way or the other.  Though our time together was brief, I will always remember them with fondness and a grateful heart.

Leave everyone you meet feeling hopeful and encouraged.

Do good every day

We can make the best of all things in life because we can control what happens to us by how we react.  Every day, strive for to be kind, just and generous. Give unconditional love and sacrifice for others.  Once you see how you’ve left others happy after spending time with you, was it really such a sacrifice?

Think about what you appreciate

Think about when writers or artists share their inspiration for a great song or painting.  They’ve given us access to the deepest parts of their heart and soul.    Share with others what reflects in your heart, dreams, hopes and deepest thoughts.

Be a Gift

What you think about will eventually manifest. A growing heart leads to great wisdom.  I sure hope these words encourage you to always do good to others despite how they might treat you.

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