The Freshman 12: Tips to Make Your Freshman Year Awesome

It’s no secret that all incoming (and current) college freshman want to have the best first college experience possible. In my quest to find some great ideas, I asked my friends what they thought made a great first year and I thought I would pass along the information to all of our eager readers!

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1. DON’T drink in sketchy places, regardless if you’re with friends or not.

I promise you, it’s not smart or “fun.” It’s stupid and reckless to drink around people who are sketchy or in unfamiliar places. By going somewhere you’re not familiar with, you’re putting yourself in a situation that could potentially be very dangerous.

Stick with friends you know and places you know are safe.

2. DO get involved on campus.

There are so many clubs, intramurals, student associations and activities around campus that it would be silly for you not to get involved with them. By engaging in the campus community, you are bound to meet really great people and create wonderful memories.

3. DO be careful about how much you go out.

While there’s nothing wrong with letting loose and going out to party, there is a problem with going out too much: especially in the beginning of the year, the rush is on to go out every weekend—this is NOT a wise decision.

Remember that you’re going to school to learn, not to party. Keep the partying to a minimum or at the very least, find a balance.

4. DO avoid drama.

Unfortunately, wherever there are people, there will be drama. However, just because everyone else is getting caught up in who said/did what doesn’t mean that you have to get sucked in, too.

Most of the drama mongers are easy to spot, so when you can, steer clear of them. No one needs someone else’s unnecessary drama, so make it a point to remove it from your life.

5. DO try to become close with you’re roommate.

You have to live with your roommate for at least a semester so make the best of it and plan a night to do things together.

Make an effort to establish a relationship. You’ll be surprised how much happier you’ll be at school if you have a good relationship with your roommate.

6. DO your best on your homework.

Professors do not appreciate halfway done homework. Put in some effort and do a good job. Your grades will improve and your professors will be glad to have a student who cares in their class.

7. DON’T spend all your time on Facebook.

Yeah, we all know it’s addicting and a lot of fun, but honestly, facebook is quite possibly one of the biggest time wasters ever invented.

If you find that you’re spending more time than necessary staring at status updates, it might be time to put some limits on yourself.

Remember, your real friendships develop outside of your laptop screen.

8. DON’T avoid the gym.

Fact: Working out releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people are always a blast to be around.

So, if you’re feeling blue, do yourself a favor and take a trip to the gym. You’ll feel a lot better and as an added plus, you’ll look better, too!

9. DO be smart with your money.

One of the worst phone calls you can make to your parents in college is one that goes like this: “Mom/Dad, I ran out of money. Can you put a hundred or two in my account?”

Spending money on excessive amounts of Starbucks, shopping trips, and that new Black Ops game that you just “have to have” isn’t exactly the best way to maintain your finances or a strong credit score.

10. DO get hooked on a tv show.

My guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl. Sometimes it’s good to get caught up in drama that doesn’t exist and doesn’t involve your life (and besides, who doesn’t like Chace Crawford!?).

Don’t turn into a TV junkie, but a healthy addiction to a show or two is not a bad thing. Maybe even turn it into some bonding time with friends.

11. DON’T become a hermit.

Make friends! Lots of them! Talk to random people—start a conversation with someone in line at the dining hall, the girl you sit next to in class, or the guy you see at the library.

Wherever you are and whoever you’re around, see it as an opportunity to make friends. Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.

12. DO keep in touch with mom and dad.

Parents don’t always suck and chances are they miss us a lot and wish we called them a bit more. I’d be willing to bet you miss them more than you’d be willing to admit too—so make the call or schedule a skype date.

Let mom and dad know that just because you’re free doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten them.

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