The Adobe Imagination Challenge is in High Gear – Submit Your Creativity Today for a Chance to Win!

Adobe Imagination Challenge

Today, the Adobe Imagination Challenge Round 1 Winners were announced – did you win? Do you wish you got involved? Well it’s not too late!

Just to fill you in if you haven’t heard, here is some background on the Adobe Imagination Challenge.

How do you say what you love, what you do, who you are? How do you express yourself?
Show us in your language. Show us in Adobe. The Imagination Challenge

  • First, Download a free trial of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Student and Teacher Editions and let your imagination take control. All you need to do is create something original and unique and be creative with it!
  • Second, submit your creative display to the Adobe Imagination Gallery, where Adobe Students will showcase all the artworks for voting and celebrity judging.

During the four entry periods from August 22 through October 30, students can download a free trial of CS5.5 Student and Teacher Editions, create something original and unique to them and then upload it to the Imagination Gallery.

Voters will choose one winner during each entry period who will win $10,000. All semi-finalists and winners from the entry periods will also be automatically entered in the Grand Prize judging to win an additional $10,000. For more contest details, visit here.
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Adobe encourages all students to creatively express themselves across diverse fields, such as engineering, architecture, science, art or literature.

To me this seems like a no brainer. Every college student needs money, every college student has a bustling mind full of numbers and facts, details, dates and memorization. This is an opportunity to step outside the college bubble and just be yourself. There are no guidelines, no requirements and no-nonsense… just be creative and the great folks at Adobe will reward your creativity.

Personally, I remember when I first discovered Adobe Photoshop back in my freshman year of high school.  The first thing I tried was creating a “tag” that I could spray paint on the wall in my favorite online game at the time, Counter-Strike.

I put my name on a white canvas in Photoshop and I immediately fell in love. I blurred it, twisted it, distorted it, turned it red and green and all types of crazy colors.  Every time I added a new effect, I would save the file because I never wanted to lose my amazing new creations.  Now, years later, I laugh at the graphics I created that day and their simplicity.

The point is, by showing myself what I could do opened my mind to discovering so much more.  Here you had a 14-year-old kid that had only used Microsoft Paint, now creating high-def graphics, attractive logos, fun backgrounds for my computer and eventually full-blown websites and marketing materials.

Adobe products enabled me to step up to the next level.

My passion became my business and it all started with Adobe.

Who knows what you could discover about yourself. I encourage all of you out there to download the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 FREE Trial and see how this amazing suite of software products can enhance your life, your college experience and really prepare you for a high-definition, high intensity, creative business world.

If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you will eventually need to learn the Adobe Software. What better time than now when there is a monetary prize involved!

Get Creative! Head over to and get involved in the Adobe Imagination Challenge!

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