After carrying your million-pound backpack to the library for the umpteenth time, I’m sure you’re ready to find an alternate way to study that doesn’t give you a backache and a half. Have no fear; I’m here to spread the word on how to create a digital backpack with StudyBlue to help save your back and your grades. is an online community of students who believe in efficient and effective studying for all (for free) and it’s taking the study experience to a whole new level.

All classes are organized into folders and stored in “My Backpack.” Class notes and materials are saved online within these folders and can be converted into tools like online flashcards, quizzes and review sheets.

Through StudyBlue’s community, you can sync your folders to your classes. This allows you to share and compare your class notes with people who are currently in the same class, have taken the class in the past, or are studying the same subject in other schools. When you add a textbook to your class folder, you are able to connect with other students using the same textbook whether they attend your school or not.

StudyBlue has also created mobile study apps for Android and iPhone that let you carry your digital backpack in your pocket. Now you can review for tests while waiting in line for coffee or while riding the bus to class. When you’re done studying, you can set a reminder to study again in the near future.

With continued improvements to the site, StudyBlue is driven to help students with online study tools. The most recent additions to the site include Study Stats, where you can track your learning progress, and Study Filters, where you can choose to study only the flashcards you feel unsure about!

Ditch the old-school index cards and trade up to StudyBlue. Not only will it keep your backpack light and organized, but it will also help you review anywhere and everywhere.

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