Links We Love

Yet another collection of jazzy awesomeness from around the web. Here are the links we love this week, you’ll find out what your college bedding says about you, cost effective dates, ways to use your freezer, Rosh Hashana and some other good links to check out from our partners around the web.

Ice Cream Flavors for College Students

Rosh Hashana with the Dude

I Am My Mother!

What Your College Bedding Says About You

7 Creative and Cost Effective Campus Dates

Things That Pissed Your Parents Off When You Were A Kid

9 Cool Ways To Use Your Freezer

The Portion Control Dilemma

In Season: Mustard (To Go On Top Of Grill Marks)

You’re Invited: How To Celebrate Oktoberfest!

Healthy Homemade: Rosh Hashanah Farfel

The Dorm Room Bar: Rosemary Sangria

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