Every year, thousands of college students pack up their bags and head to hotspots, near and far, to enjoy a spring break filled with fun and friends, but free of college responsibilities.

Kids on Spring Break


However, some college students take “fun” to dangerous levels that unfortunately, end in tragedy.

This spring break, when you’re out with your friends, remember about the safety of yourself and others especially at certain locations and events.

Check out the things you should be aware of during your spring break vacation and remain safe while still having fun!

Safety Tip 1: Road Trip

Always buckle up!

Avoid doing anything illegal in the car like drinking or things that are going to get you pulled over, arrested, or worse, in an accident. Police officers are on the prowl just looking for suspicious driving/behaviors during spring break so safe yourself some grief and don’t do anything stupid while operating a vehicle.

Also, if you’re riding with other people, take turns behind the wheel. Sleepy drivers are more prone to accidents so no matter how many espressos you down, you could easily fall asleep behind the wheel.

Safety Tip 2: Hotels

When reserving a room, try not to request the first floor or top floors. First floor rooms are targets for robberies and if a fire breaks out, fire ladders will have a harder time reaching the rooms that are too high up.

Also, respect the room that you’re staying in; don’t trash the rooms or leave a huge mess for someone else to clean up. The last thing you need is a rowdy night of drinking ending up with a hole through the hall or a broken window because guess what? You have to pay for all damages!

Drinking on the Beach


Safety Tip 3: Drinking

Drinking is pretty synonymous with spring break so when you’re out partying with your friends, remember to pace yourself.

Choose your drinks wisely and be smart about how you drink them.

Avoid mixing different types of alcohols like beer and liquor and drinks that have a fast or a “sneak-up” effect, like wine or drinks with a high alcohol content.

Remember to always EAT throughout the day and don’t forget to hydrate; in the hot sun, you are likely to over heat if you don’t drink enough water.

Safety Tip 4: Water activities

Be careful when partying on the beach or by any open water. If you’re out on the beach, try not to over-drink. Alcohol and the sun can maximize the effects of alcohol on the body.

If you begin to feel faint, seek shelter in the shade quickly and hydrate yourself with water or drinks that will provide your body with electrolytes.

Be aware of your behavior. Some beaches do not tolerate inappropriate behavior or even alcohol on the beach.

If you’re thinking about taking a dip in the pool or diving into the ocean, make sure there are lifeguards present; pay attention to whistles or signs that alert you to dangers.

If you plan on drinking, your best bet is to steer clear of big bodies of water because alcohol and swimming do NOT mix.

Safety Tip 5: Out on the town

When going anywhere, make sure you implement the “buddy system” meaning, when you’re out and about, go with a group of friends. In cities where the spring break hype takes over, it can quickly turn into a free-for-all for thieves, harassers and rapists.

Always travel with a DD— designated driver—and make sure that person is sober and able to look out for the group. Take turns being the DD or sober person; there is nothing wrong with taking a night off from drinking to be responsible.

Even when you go to the ATM, make sure you don’t go alone. Anytime you have a lot of cash in your possession you are opening yourself up to being robbed.

Safety Tip 6: Leaving the country

Whether you’re leaving the country on a plane or cruise boat, remember that wherever you go, there’s a whole new set of rules you must follow.

Make sure you have all your documents and identification cards with you. Try to avoid any mishaps that may prevent you from returning home after your vacation.

Hooking up on the beach


Safety Tip 7: The Hook Up

Thinking about hooking up with someone this spring break? Be careful of who you meet and where you decide to go with him/her.

Be very aware; when you meet someone on vacation, you never know their intentions or where they have been, so always tell somewhere where you are going and what time you will be back.

Keep your cell phone on you at all times and try to stay in public places.

Spring Break can be a lot of fun, but it can be even more fun when you’re celebrating it safely.

Before leaving town for spring break, make sure to always let someone responsible know where you’ll be in case of an emergency and provide them with the phone numbers of those in your travel group.

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