Facebook Addiction Rehab: 5 Tips For Your Facebook Addiction

Are you addicted to Facebook? 39% of Facebook users are self-diagnosed “addicts” according to a study published by Mashable and there are probably many more who are unaware of their condition!


Regardless of whether or not an addiction to Facebook is legit, spending too much time on the site takes a toll on your life!

Studies have found that Facebook leads to anxiety and depression and Facebook users spend 1-5 hours per week studying as opposed to the 11+ hours non-Facebook-users’ spend studying.

It has also been shown that active Facebook users have lower GPA’s!

If Facebook is taking a toll on your social life, academics and mental state of mind, then check out these 5 easy ways to minimize your interaction on Facebook:

1. Turn off email notifications

It’s hard to stay off Facebook when your email is spammed with wall posts, tagged pictures and other tempting activities that make you want to sign in. Turn off email notifications and see how much that helps you stay away.

2. Clean out your friends list

It’s easy to get caught up in the lives of people that are insignificant to us. Clean out your friends list so that you’re only friends with people you actually WANT to keep in touch with. If this is unacceptable for you, then move ahead to step three.

3. Delete your wall

Deleting your wall will eliminate any activity that would be initiated by someone else. Any time you feel the need to post on someone’s wall, try to shoot them an email or text first!

4. Designate a “Facebook time”

Designate an hour a day which will be “Facebook time.” An ideal time would during your favorite TV show—this way, you’re not wasting time and can multitask!

5. Deactivate your Facebook

If all else fails, deactivate your Facebook! You can always reactivate once and a while to check up on people and remain relevant. Once you feel your addiction has been tamed, try to reactivate and see whether you return to your old ways or are able to stay away from the social networking site.

While these suggestions are not scientific, they’re all you have until rehab centers include Facebook Rehab in their agendas. Till then, try the 5 tips above!

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