Traveling on Campus: 5 Travel Tips to Get You Where You Want to Go

Some of you may be on small campuses and have no problem getting around. However, many people (myself included) attend massive schools where you might get lost without a map.

At a large school, classes may be as far as 30 minutes from your dorm! With situations like that, it is important to be able to travel efficiently and easily to avoid unnecessary hassle and of course, get to class and events on time.

College shuttle

1.The bussing systems are your best friend

If you know the schedule of the busses, you can plan your time accordingly. Penn State offers an App for the iPhone that allows you to track the locations of busses in real-time. See if you school offers a similar service.

The sooner you learn about which busses go where and how frequently they come, the better off you are.

If you can’t get in touch with the digital age, grab a paper pamphlet that should display the bus schedule and carry it around in your backpack or purse.

2. Find the quickest route possible

There are obviously many ways to the same point, however, some back roads and shortcuts could help you out a lot.

When I first started college, I used to follow one street all the way down and then make a left for a bit to get to a certain building. Then, I started walking with a friend who showed me a back path that saved 5 minutes of walking!

Also have plans for cold, windy, or rainy days. I know if it’s rainy, I have plans to cut through buildings and overpasses to get to most of my classes without getting soaked on the way there.

3. Travel light

Having a backpack that weighs fifty pounds is a killer, especially if you are walking very far, very frequently.

Try cutting down on anything you don’t need. Don’t bring books you know you aren’t going to use and leave things at your dorm that you won’t need until later in the day.

I keep a five subject notebook in my backpack to take notes for all of my classes and a calculator. I bring my wallet, keys, phone, and pen in pockets; that’s it!

If you find yourself packing your life into your backpack each morning, cut down the weight and you will see your travel time cut down as well.

4. Walk with friends

Honestly, nothing is more depressing than a long, lonely walk. Having someone to talk to as you walk with provides conversation, entertainment and makes the time go by much faster.

It even gives you a chance to talk about the class, compare study notes or talk about upcoming exams/papers/tests.

There’s nothing like good company so find a friend and make him/her your travel buddy.

5. Cut down on travel time overall

If you can, take your schedule and arrange it so that you spend as little time walking as possible.

Find places to hang around in between classes to avoid going back to your dorm every time.

Try arranging your classes so that it is more efficient for you; my schedule consists of classes back-to-back, with a nice gap in between for lunch and a little studying if needed.

I also tried to pick buildings that are close to my dorm and fraternity house, that way, I always have somewhere to go if the library, cafeteria or study lounges are packed.

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