Solidifying a career path is one of the most difficult and painstaking processes I, as well as many others, have endured throughout college.  As a senior, I can tell you I still have not fine tuned my professional decisions post-college, but I can offer you words of wisdom along with an array of choices you must make in order to take positive and progressive steps towards overcoming this life obstacle.


Lesson #1: Embrace Your Strengths

You must first recognize what areas you excel in and devise strategies in which you can use these areas to benefit both yourself and others.  For example, I have a strong understanding of human motives.  Because of this, many individuals confide in me thus disclosing their personal issues.  In turn, I am able to provide them with useful advise and constructive solutions which help them overcome their problems.  I find that I achieve a very personal satisfaction when I’m able to help others, which is why I am highly considering some form of psychology as a career path.


Lesson #2: Think Outside The Box

I possess a respect for certain authority, but I loathe societal demands and refuse to surrender to the requirements I can avoid.  In this day and age, many find themselves overqualified for their jobs.  People attend 12+ years of schooling to work an average 9AM to 5PM desk-job until they’re old, tired, and grey.  Will Smith said it best — “Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.”  This hits home with me because I ask myself constantly: What is reality?  There is no singular, definitive definition because reality is undefined on an individual basis; it’s what any one person makes of it.  Unfortunately, many have let society define their reality.  The creation of our nation’s and even our world’s industry is based off of entrepreneurship.  I believe we should be raising our kids to become entrepreneurs.  It creates jobs, opportunity, and innovation on both an individual and societal basis.


Lesson #3: Do What You Love

If there’s one piece of advise I want you to take from this, it’s to surround yourself with your true passions.  Breathe, eat, and sleep them every single day.  If you are solely concerned with financial security and are choosing a career path because it guarantees a reputable paycheck, than I assure misery will surface in the upcoming years once you recognize that although money may buy you superficial happiness, it will not buy you love.  Monetary success should come second to self-fulfillment.  Locate within yourself what works so you can always remain motivated and passionate.  With that will come immeasurable success beyond your wildest dreams.


I can only hope that I have supplied you with a general understanding of what success and choosing the right career path requires; although, it is defined differently by everyone.  Just remember, with persistence, dedication, and thorough preparation, we are all capable of creating our own luck, controlling our destiny, and being as successful as we choose to be.

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