So, you’re driving to a party, the movies or the supermarket when your tire blows out.

Why waste the time waiting for Triple A or a tow truck to come help you out (and take your cash) when you can just change the tire yourself?

Follow these easy steps (really, they’re super simple to follow) and you’ll be back on the highway in no time.

You will need:

– A spare tire

– A jack

– A lug wrench


– A flashlight

– Gloves

Flat Tire

1. Pull off the road.

Make sure the place where you decide to stop is fairly safe, meaning not on an incline or anywhere not too affected by the various elements.

If you are on the highway, pull off to a safe area like the breakdown lane or somewhere you won’t get smashed by a truck.

Make sure to turn on your hazard lights!

2. Put all your tools in close proximity to you.

Hey, you’re already at a disadvantage with a flat tire. Don’t make it any worse by jumping up mid-tire change because you forgot something.

3. Loosen the lug nuts with the lug wrench.

Most lug wrenches turn counter-clockwise. If a lug nut becomes hard to get out, jump up and down on the lug wrench to try and loosen it. Be careful to only loosen the lug nuts, not remove them totally.

Once they are removed, be sure to keep them somewhere safe like in a bag or container so you don’t lose them.

4. Jack up the vehicle.

Put the jack under the car (your driver’s manual should give you some idea of where to place it) and raise it until it comes in contact with the frame of the car. Now, extend that sucker until the tire’s six inches from the ground.

5. Remove the flat tire.

Now, here is where you completely take off the lug nuts. Put those aside and then take the tire out, holding it at nine and three (or on either side of the tire, for those who are entirely dependent on digital watches like I am).

6. Put on the spare tire.

Align the bolts in the center with the bolts on the car and push the tire back until the tire can’t go any further. Replace the lug nuts and tighten them.

7. Lower the vehicle.

Please lower the vehicle slowly so you do not hurt yourself.

8. Put everything back, get back in the car.

9. Drive away.

10. Go through the drive-through somewhere and get yourself a milkshake. You deserve it.

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