So you have decided to join one of the organizations on campus known as a sorority.

Besides your new found abilities for time management, you are also expected to know the ins and outs of the perfect craft. This challenge can be terrifying if you consider yourself somewhat artistically challenged.

But there is hope for you!

There are a few staple crafts that you are expected to make at some point in your sisterhood experience. With a little help, you should be able to not only accomplish these tasks, but do so with flying colors. Let’s see what you can do.

Picture Frame


The Picture Frame.

Now that you are apart of sisterhood, there are going to be photos taken of you at many random times. With all these photos, you are going to responsible for making dozens of frames to put them on display. Wooden frames of all different varieties can be purchased at all craft stores.

Start with paint.

Make sure to apply more than one coat for the base of the frame. A nice solid color will be necessary if you want the finished product to look as polished as possible.

If desired, paint a clear color on top to prevent chipping and for an added shine!

Bedazzle it!

When it comes to crafting, sequins will be your cheapest, yet most effective decoration. No girl is able to resist the sparkle and color of these gems.

Oh, the Puffy Paint.

Puffy paint is fantastic. You can write messages easily and clearly in script that will dry fast. When you get your “Big” or “Little,” you will want to write your names together on everything you create.

Stock up on scrap paper!

The great thing about scrap paper is it can dress anything with little effort or time. There is a design that will satisfy everyone, no matter their preferences.

Scrapbook paper


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