College is a place where students are free to express themselves, but how far does that really go when it comes to attire?

I attend a school where fashion is pretty important to most of students, but sometimes students tend to forget that college is meant to be a professional setting which will set you up for your future career and should treated as such.

Some people come to campus wearing things that should not be worn outside of their homes.

So how do you know what is appropriate to wear on campus and what isn’t?

Pajama day

Sleepwear to class? Just say no.

I have seen people come to class in their pajamas, women walking around with their hair still in bonnets and wrapped up from the night before and of course the oh-so-popular style of men with their pants hanging below their bottoms.

It is not uncommon for students to wear slippers or other sleepwear items like pajama bottoms, grungy T-shirts and everything in between, but is that appropriate for class?

Just because you technically live on campus, doesn’t mean you should roll out of bed and walk straight to class without changing.

The right to do would be to shower, get ready and change into normal clothing before heading onto campus or going to class.

Self-expression or is it over the top?

I feel self expression is an important thing, especially at this time in our lives since we’re meant to be “finding ourselves”, but we’re also supposed to be preparing ourselves to be professionals, not professional slobs.

I am in no way saying you should wear a business suit to your all of your classes, but at least have a good sense of what you should or shouldn’t be wearing on campus, to class, or even to the dining hall.

Some of my professors won’t even let students come into the classroom or will mark them absent if they are wearing something that is inappropriate. There are even schools that require their students to have a dress code and certain majors must wear business attire to class, presentations and meetings.

You’re not only representing yourself, but your school as well, so you should always dress appropriately when on campus.

Think of it this way: If you can’t wear it on an interview or to work, then you shouldn’t be wearing it to class.

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