When you think of Anorexia, you think of starving girls struggling from body image issues. That image is bound to change with the rising number of young men who are anorexic.

Males now represent up to 10% of all cases of eating disorders.

What’s more, guys are more often than not afraid to ask for help because they believe eating disorders are for “girls.” The most common eating disorder for guys is Bulimia.



The red flags of Anorexia in boys are similar to ones you see in girls: restricting meals and strange eating habits; fierce determination to get fit and exercising excessively; irritability and isolation.

Recent statistics show an increase in males suffering from eating disorders–Australia has some of the worst levels of male Anorexia in the world: one in four children with Anorexia in Australia are boys.

According to abcmenshealth.com, some Australian boys use dangerous methods to try and keep thin, including popping diet pills and smoking cigarettes.

Here’s to hoping this issue is seen with the same seriousness as we view eating disorders in women. Just because a man has an eating disorder, it should be treated just as seriously!

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