Whether you’re dating online or trying to lure people via Facebook, have you ever considered what your picture says about you? Is there a pose or look that is more inviting than another?

The dating research blog OKTrends (it’s attached to the dating site OKCupid) conducts statistical analysis on their users to see which pictures attract the most responses and which do not! While their findings are geared toward online dating profiles, it can be generally applied toward profile pictures in general!

Consider their findings before you post your latest picture on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or any other social media/dating platform:

A. Look Away from the Camera

If you’re trying attract women, a profile picture of you NOT looking into the the camera is apparently the way to go!

Maybe it’s the “mysterious” factor or the fact that it makes a guy seem intellectual and consumed in his thoughts, but either way, look away from the camera and you’ll find yourself getting quite the response from your female counterparts.

B. Don’t smile

The analysis found that guys who don’t smile fare better with women online; it further plays into the whole “mysterious” factor.

It seems that whether women admit it or not, they like not knowing what a guy is thinking and keeping a level of mystery alive.

Male celebrity pictures


C. If you have the abs, flaunt them!

While many guys and gals think dudes with shirtless profile pictures seem like jerks, the numbers claim otherwise!

Taking a picture with your shirt off (or perhaps posting one from the beach or summer) could get you the attention you are seeking from the ladies.

IF you have the body, flaunting it will get you more attention!

Note: The effectiveness of the ab shot exponentially declines with age (i.e. the older you get, the less attention you’ll receive for your body).

D. Don’t overdress

Who would have thought that girls wouldn’t like a guy who dresses well?

Evidently there is a threshold for how well-dressed a guy is. Anything MORE than a simple collared shirt doesn’t bode well, so if you’re thinking of posting a picture of you in a tuxedo from a wedding or a suit from work, go casual instead and you may end up getting more dates.

E. Do something interesting

Doing something interesting in your profile picture leads to more conversations with the opposite sex. This can be anything from a travel shot to a picture with an animal.

Take a picture on vacation with you at a zoo or on the beach; maybe a picture from an event with friends or even something wild like water skiing could attract the girl you are looking for.

The best part of these tips? They can all be applied to Facebook, Myspace and any other social media and dating website. The only tip to be careful about is displaying your abs—while you may make a solid impression with the ladies around the web, you may not be taken seriously by future employers!

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