The stereotype of the broke college kid will remain alive forever.

Piggy Bank

We all know the feeling too well. No income, textbooks to buy, food to eat, and loans to pay off later.

Having no money to spend personally (or very little money) is a terrible feeling. But never fear, because there are ways to get around this problem!

Check the Papers or Head Online.

Many colleges have opportunities for making money listed in their papers.

There may be research being done that needs student volunteers, and these could be found in the papers. Check the psychology or bio building for posts on the bulletin board or ask the front desk.

Hit up the websites for both departments, you may be able to sign up for an experiment online!

You could potentially make up to fifty dollars just for doing a quick interview or survey!

Bulletin Boards.

There are always opportunities posted on bulletin boards in commons areas. People may be paying for rides, notes, or other miscellaneous tasks or favors. I have seen things from $10 an hour to put on puppet shows, to helping people move into apartments.


It is incredible what some college kids think of. It can be pretty easy to think of something, throw stuff together, and sell it.

For example, T-shirts are pretty easy to make (either by hand using fabric paint/airbrush, or designed online and ordered), and a clever shirt (think holidays, school spirit, funny catchphrases) could sell very quickly.

Try marketing through friends, bulletin boards, Facebook, and at school events.


There is a huge section for jobs on Craigslist with many different categories. Simply search your area for any type of work you want to be doing.

If you don’t have time for a regular job, you may be able to find a one time deal for some quick cash under general labor! Many national used book dealers will be offering money to scout local bookstores for cheap used books.

Blood Donations.

Some organizations will pay for donations of blood or blood products, such as plasma. It is a good cause and not-so-shabby pay (around $25 for plasma). Depending on regulations, you may be able to donate about twice a week.


This is one of the best jobs for college students. Being a waiter or waitress at a restaurant can be rewarding if you act polite and outgoing to customers.

Tips can be a great supplement to your income. Also, you may be able to find work at bars or clubs which may or may not require a bartending license. Certification costs can vary (check your local schools).


Many organizations offer scholarships. There are many vague scholarships that can win up to $500 for a simple essay. Search for scholarships regarding your interests!

Money can be stingy, but there is always a way to get it. A day of searching, a bit of work, and you will be all set!

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