Love & Skepticism: How Girls Benefit From Being Doubtful

Call me a skeptic, but I always believed that love at first sight is not real.

My theory has been that we’re initially attracted based on lust and then real “LOVE” depends on how compatible we are to the other person.

Regardless of my views, it seems two-thirds of the US population believes in love at first sight and more than half of those people believe they have experienced it!

So, does this skepticism make me lose out? Psychology begs to differ!

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A study at SUNY New Paltz by Glenn Geher found that women who are skeptical of men right off the bat are better off than women who analyze every detail over a first date.

Why? His study found that if a woman cannot accurately guess a man’s intentions 90% of the time, then she’s better off being skeptical!

Yikes! Doesn’t sound like psychology thinks very highly of guys! Basically, if you don’t have a 90% accuracy rate of reading a guys mind, then you’re better off assuming he’s a jerk!

Geher’s study found that skeptical women end up with honest, committed, and long-term-relationship seeking males.

While that is comforting, what is to guarantee a woman WILL trust that one man who is honest?

Conclusion: If you’re skeptical, then don’t give yourself a hard time! If you’re naive, then make sure to surround yourself with friends who are skeptical!

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