There are plenty of things to look forward to in spring: flowers blooming, birds chirping, grass growing, and of course: spring entertainment!

Now that it’s spring (well, kind of) you need to start planning for all the fun weekends coming up full of sun, fun and plenty of entertainment.

outdoor concert

1. Spring concerts

These are perfect for those who love music, hanging out with friends and having a good time!

Whether you like partying or not, spring concerts can be a ton of fun on the weekends because it’s not just about drinking with friends, but it’s about the experience of being outside in the sun, relaxing and enjoying some great music on your day off.

Which spring concerts are coming up? The Strawberry Music Festival in California, Merle Fest in North Carolina, McDowell Mountain Music Festival in Arizona, and if you do a little investigating, you are sure to find a bunch in your area!

2. Baseball games

Who doesn’t love a good spring baseball game? As a college student, tickets can get pricey and therefore, be out of your range, but a game is a game so why not grab a friend, purchase some cheap tickets, and have a hotdog and a beer while you’re at it?

For instance, at Mets stadium, you can get 2 seats and 5 games for $198 with opportunities to see the Yankees, the Dodgers, the Cubs and the defending world champs, The Giants!

If you split the costs with a friend, the tickets are totally reasonable and you are guaranteed a good time!

Baseball Game

3. Spring Events

You know there are plenty of events going on at other schools and other areas of the state of which you reside, so why not do a little traveling and enjoy a spring event?

Off the bat: Marathon Monday in Boston, Spring Weekend at UConn and Spring Fling at UNH come to mind, but there are plenty of events going on at every school (and in every area) that you can easily attend!

Want something bigger and better? Plan a cheap trip with your friends like Vegas! Check out to book your trip!

4. Spring in the Box Office

Some of the best movies come out around spring and summertime so keep watch of the Box Office to see what’s playing.

Some movies to get excited about? Arthur, Source Code, Your Highness, Scream 4, Apollo 18, Water For Elephants, Fast and Furious 5, and Pirates of the Caribbean 4!

Movie and popcorn

5. Spring camping

Who doesn’t love a roaring fire, ghost stories, and roughin’ it for a few days with friends?

Grab some beers, make some food, and pack light when you set out on a camping expedition with your friends this spring.

Pick the weekend with the highest predicted temperature, find the spot and set it up! Best Hotels. Best Shows. Best Pri

6. Spring Travel

Spring is one of the best times of the year to travel.

Gather a group of friends and plan a trip. You can go on a road trip stopping along the way to explore different towns. You can also go on a cruise. There are several affordable options that will fit on your student budget.

No one is ever too old to enjoy the rides and the magic of Disneyworld. For some wild fun, book a hotel in Las Vegas and party for an entire weekend.

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