Last Minute Spring Break Options: The Best Way to Vacation on Short Notice

I don’t know about you guys, but I am not good at planning trips, especially far in advance. I am not the type to book a flight in December for a trip taking place in March. I am however, the type to book my flight and plan my trip about a week before the trip takes place.

So it comes as no surprise that I would be able to give you some great advice on how to have an awesome spring break even if you haven’t been planning it all along.

So if you are like me and you haven’t even thought about planning your Spring Break vacation (even though for many people, it is next month), check out these options that you may want to explore.

Spring break

Hit up a family member

Scan through all of the people in your family; can you think of anyone who lives somewhere desirable, i.e. – Florida or somewhere warm?

In my case, I have a cousin who lives in Hawaii, a brother who lives in California and when I was in school, my sister was living in Arizona.

So of course, I booked a flight about a week before spring break and headed to Arizona to visit her!

We ended up driving to California to visit my brother in LA and it was seriously amazing. The scenery alone on the drive up was enough to burn through two sets of camera batteries (I’m from the east coast, okay?).

Talk to your parents and your family member to start planning your trip. You can play it off to your parents like you are just going to visit your kin (rather than use them for their spring break worthy home) and possibly get your parents to back your trip financially (“I just really miss aunt Jane…”).

Yes, you will catch up with your family, however more importantly, you will get to lounge on the beach, sit by a pool and hang out in shorts and t-shirt without freezing your butt off for a whole week!

Because you are staying with a family member, you will save money on hotels/accomodations and you won’t end up spending a ton on food either.

Hit up a friend

You have to have at LEAST one friend who attends a school in a warm place. Whether this is California, Arizona, Florida, or even one of the Carolinas, you need to take advantage of your friend’s college so you can not only visit them, but spend some time by a pool and in the sun.

Talk to your buddy and see what his/her plan is for the week; maybe your friend wouldn’t mind skipping a few classes (or maybe he/she only has class on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and would be able to make time for you. Perhaps his/her roommates are down to spend time with you or you can split your time with one friend and then travel to another school while on your “spring break” destination.

Just think: if you make the effort to go visit your friend, you will get to play outside in the warmth, go out with your friends, party at a new school (with new people) and enjoy being away from whatever cold area you are stuck in now. Book your flight now and pack light; your friend’s dorm/apartment probably can’t hold 3 suitcases and a carry-on.

Quick, cheap trips and weekend extravaganzas

Who says you have to drop a ton of dough to go on spring break?


Look up deals and packages that are aimed at families and those looking to save money. If you stick to cheap flights, low-budget living (motels and cheap hotel deals) and you take along a bunch of friends to lighten the load, you can definitely make it work.

Look at places like Orlando and Disney World; you may be able to find a package or something really cheap (i.e. – flight and hotel together).

Weekend extravaganza

Who says your spring break has to be an entire week? Why not book a weekend or 4-day trip to somewhere like Las Vegas where you don’t have to travel outside the country, spend a ton or deal with a bunch of hassle? Spend a few fun nights somewhere warm (or warmer than where you are) and you will get your spring break fix.

Road trips and visiting your friends

Road trips are also a great alternative to booking flights and spending a ton of money. Gather up your friends who are also looking to save money (and haven’t booked anything yet) and plan out where you want to go, divvy up the gas expenses, and figure out how to make it work.

Why not travel around to all of the different schools your friends attend? This way, you end up partying at a different school each night, spending time with different people and saving a ton on living/food expenses (make sure to visit friends who have enough space to house you and enough points on their meal plan to feed you for the day/night).

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