Is It Possible? How To Get a Valentine’s Day Date In 3 Days

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (3 days to be exact) and you are dateless, but you don’t want to be. What do you do? Is it possible to get a date for Monday with such short notice?

Hey, anything is possible, so why not try your hardest this weekend to land a date for V-Day? It may seem like a difficult challenge, but you’re young, hot and there’s no reason why you have to be single this holiday is you don’t want to be.

If you put yourself out there and make it happen, you will be surprised at how fast someone may ask you out or take you up on your date offer.

The best (and quickest) ways to pique someones interest is to put yourself in the right situations, make the person feel wanted/desired and go for the gold.

Friday night: Put yourself in the right situation

You can’t find a date unless you meet new people or hang around the person you are crushing on. This requires grooming yourself (showering, fixing your hair, makeup, nice clothes), going to the right party (or hosting one) and of course, making sure the person of interest is present.

Start off Friday night by hosting (or attending) a pre-game party with your crush or a person of interest. If you are hosting, invite your crush and his/her friends over for drinks and fun before heading out.

Flirt, flirt and flirt some more

Make sure to show a lot of attention toward your crush. Greet and talk with him/her and the friends, invite your crush to play games with you, ask if he/she needs a refill, and of course, make sure to invite him/her to the party you are heading to afterward.

I’m not saying ignore every other person at the party, but if you want a date for V-Day (remember, 3 days away) you should definitely focus 90% of your attention on your crush (without being too forward or creepy).

You don’t have to hang on his/her arm the whole night, but make sure if you aren’t talking to him/her to be making eye contact, checking in every once in a while and introducing him/her to your friends.

BONUS TIP: DO NOT HOOKUP with this person. If you prolong your nookie-session, your interest in him/her will be more believable and genuine if you don’t even try to make a move (a kiss is okay, but nothing past that).

couple in love

Saturday Night: Ask to meet at the party and flirt some more

If you cap off Friday night by asking your crush to meet you out again Saturday night, you will not only seal the deal to see him/her the following night, but you will make a great impression by asking early.

If you didn’t ask him/her in person, send a text either that night (after the festivities) or early the next morning.

A lot of people blow it with the person they like because they wait too long to make a move or show interest; if you want that date on Monday, you better show interest and show it fast.

Make sure to correspond with this person throughout the day (not a text every hour, but one or two will suffice); this will show your interest further and that you are looking forward to seeing him/her later on in the evening.

Make sure your crush shows up at the party you are going to OR you meet him/her out. The more effort you make, the better it will pay off by Monday.

At the party, continue to flirt. Play games together, tell jokes, talk and don’t be creepy. Run your hand over his/her hand or touch your crush on the arm. Don’t go for the leg just yet, this may make your crush feel uncomfortable.

But typically, if you are a girl, touch him on the arm and do it gently while looking at him. If you are a guy, try holding her hand or at the very least, running your hand over hers.

Again, end the night without hooking up and ask what he/she is doing tomorrow.

Sunday: Go for breakfast, lunch or a movie

This time, casually mention at the end of Saturday night that you and your friends are going to brunch (or whatever) and you’d love for him/her to join. If this isn’t an option, offer to see a movie together, but make it casual: “my friends and I are going to see that new x movie which looks awesome, are you interested at all?”

If you keep Sunday more casual, but still show a lot of interest and put forth effort, you are so close to sealing the deal.

Keep flirting, showing interest and talking to your crush; it will pay off when you have a date for V-Day.

If you are feeling confident in your weekend efforts, cap off Sunday by asking your crush what his/her plans are for the big day and whether or not he/she would like to join you for dinner, a movie or cooking something at your apartment.

Monday: Go for the gold

Monday morning is now here and it’s time to make your move. Call or send a text and ask your crush if he/she would like to go to dinner with you or if he/she would like to come over for dinner.

If food isn’t your thing, ask to see a movie together or rent one to watch at your dorm or apartment. You worked your butt off for this date so enjoy yourself, but also put in the effort to make it a good time for both of you.

Keep it simple and casual, but enough to show interest and pique his/her curiosity. Don’t mess it up by not asking or making the date awkward when he/she actually shows up. Seal the deal like a gentleman or lady (do not hookup just because you got the date and now you are over him/her) and treat your date with respect.

If you get turned down…

Oh, well! It’s his/her loss. You tried, you put in the effort and it just didn’t work out. Hey, there’s always next year!

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