How to Throw a Killer Super Bowl Party

Okay, this is more for the ladies than the guys, but hey, if you need helps organizing a party for BOTH guys and girls, this is the article for you!

There are 3 keys to throwing a great party: food, drinks, and catering to the entertainment needs of EVERYONE at the party, not just a select group.

If you keep the guests fed and entertained, they are sure to not only stay, but have a great time, too.

Super Bowl Party

What Are You Waiting For? Start Planning!

I know the Super Bowl is a bit away, but if you don’t start planning NOW and inviting your guests, they are sure to make plans and go elsewhere.

Start deciding what type of party you want to have and think about the guest list. If you are planning a small party, then keep the list short and sweet, but if you want a rager, think about spreading the word to everyone you know.

Start thinking about the type of food and drinks you want to serve and if you are going to ask for money from your guests. In my opinion, if you are hosting the party, you should provide either the drinks OR the food, but you should not feel obligated to have both.

Your friends have money and kitchens so if you provide the drinks, they should make or purchase the food. If you decide to whip up a bunch of appetizers and meals, they should spring for the drinks (or least bring their own).

Pick the Place to Party.

Do you want to host the party in your dorm, apartment or house? Or do you and your friends want to have the party at bar or someone else’s house?

The sooner you pick the place, you can start planning how many people you can fit into the party and how much food and drink you should purchase or make.

Once you know the place you want to party, you should think about scheduling time to clean up, organize or put together some couches and chairs so everyone will have a place to sit.

Think about maybe picking up some decorations to bring some life to your party.

Invite the Guests

Make the Facebook group, call up your friends or send out a mass text; whatever you do, do it now!

You don’t want to wait until the last minute to invite everyone because they may already have plans or you won’t have enough time to get the correct amount of food and drinks for everyone.

sangria recipe

Food & Beverages

If you are responsible for supplying the food, decide whether you want to cook or call in delivery. If you want pizzas or wings from a bar or restaurant, make sure to call far in advance so you can secure your food. If you call the day before, the restaurant is likely to say no because they are too swamped with other orders.

If you are making the food, start looking up some recipes for appetizers and main courses. Try appetizers like 7-layer dip, nachos, spinach dip, or a veggie platter. For main courses, think stuff of things you can cook in a crock-pot , on a stove, or in an oven like pulled-pork sandwiches, homemade pizza, ribs, or pasta.

Make sure you cook the correct amount of food for your guests; there is nothing worse than having to be stingy with food because you didn’t make enough for everyone.

If you are providing the drinks, pick up a bunch of 30’s or check out some recipes for punch like sangria, jungle juice, or mulled wine.

If other people are making food or bringing drinks, make sure to keep track of what everyone is making or bringing so you know what to make yourself.


Obviously, the game is the main attraction today, but you know as well as I do that not EVERYONE at your party is going to be fully-focused on the game (or care about the teams playing).

Provide something for all of the guests, whether this is an area for games like beer pong, flip-cup, cards, or board games, you should always cater to the entertainment needs of EVERY one at your party.

Put together a playlist so people can jam out during the commercial breaks.

The better entertainment you provide, the longer your guests will stick around!

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