Final Exams

How to Study For Your Final Exams Effectively

The time has come and the papers are near but in the air there is that fear which always gnaws at the bottom of your stomach that you are ill prepared for the paper, that you might not clear the paper and that you should have done more than you could. These feelings are quite common in students who entered college life thinking that it is a walk in the park. Even walking is a pain to those who just recuperated from a fractured leg.

While the general guidelines do apply to what to do in an exam and what not to do, here are a few tips on what you should do much before an exam, like a few months before.

Study Less But Start Early

Plan your study routine and incorporate lavish amounts of fun time in there. When you start early with the preparations you have the advantage of time and so you can study less and party more. However, remember to give the same importance to your study hours as you would give the important parties and dates.

Have Intensive Study Sessions

If you would have noticed, it is easier to cram stuff into your head when you try to finish a large portion in a short period of time. If you are a person who can take pressure well but does not have the patience to sit around hours with a book, then try using intensive study hours. Plan to complete a chapter or a few chapters every hour you sit and ensure that you are thorough in it.

Revise What You Studied Over The Weekends

The weekends are there so that you can enjoy thoroughly with your friends. So do not take up any new chapter or subject on the weekends instead devote that hour of study time to just revising everything you did in the past week.

Pay Extra Attention In Class

The number one reason why students find preparing for the final exam a tough cookie to crack is because they were not paying attention throughout the semester in class. It is only a matter of few hours that you need to focus. If you manage to actively learn in the class, you will find your study hours later shortened because you already have most of the data in your head.

Never Stray From Your Plan

When you do not skip out on the planned parties and outings why should you do the same on your study hour? Treat your study time just as you would treat your fun moments, with respect and dedication. Again it is not wrong to party a lot in college but it is wrong to use those few minutes of the day that you allocated to studying to party.

Other than the above tips there are many more tricks that you could apply to ensure that the final preparation for your papers is top notch. However, the earlier you begin the better the results shall be. Start now and you might just be partying through the exam.

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