Financial Aid Myths [Infographic]

We’ve all heard it before: the chances of receiving financial aid are slim if your family makes too much money or if your GPA is too low. Well, not so fast. This graphic by Online Graduate Programs reveals how those beliefs, and many others surrounding financial aid, are simply just myths.

Financial Aid Myths
Created by: Online Graduate Programs

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2 thoughts on “Financial Aid Myths [Infographic]

  1. they’re not myths if they apply to people.
    I’m going to a community college, I can’t get hardly any financial aid, and I can’t get much student loan money either. the financial aid and student loans this year hardly even cover TUITION, and I had to buy all my books on my own, which was hard because my family doesn’t have money to spare either.

  2. $4,000 a year for tuition? Yeah right. Every college in my state is double that. This is either seriously out of date or lying.

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