How to Keep the Love Alive: 5 Reasons Why Relationships Fall Apart

Many relationships tend to fail because of issues related to sex, communication, or money and college relationships are no exception.

Couple Arguing

Over the past few years, the divorce rate has gone down, but there are still too many relationships falling apart.

If you’re looking for a lasting relationship, consider the reasons as to why relationships fall apart.

If you feel as though your relationship is beginning to crumble, pay attention to the warning signs before it falls apart.

1. What happened to the spark?

There are many reasons, apart from physical attraction, that bring a couple together.

Whatever it was that attracted someone to you whether it be your intellect, humor or spontaneity, try to keep those things going throughout your relationship.

As a relationship progresses, it may be hard to maintain the spark you once had in the beginning of your relationship.

Sometimes, instead of complaining about what the other person used to do, try to spice it every now and then. Do something that you used to do for your significant other that made them really happy.

2. “Don’t roll you’re eyes at me!”

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you do. 55% of all communication is actually body language so watch how you stand, look at your partner and respond to him/her.

Every time you roll your eyes, cross your arms, raise an eyebrow, or tense up, you give off a negative vibe that pushes your partner away from you. Be aware of your body language.

Listen to how you answer your partner—pay attention to the tone of your voice, the words you use  and how you formulate them.

As humans, sometimes we react based on our emotions without even thinking about it. Think about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say before opening your mouth.

3. Lack of you-and-me time.

There are many reasons why a lack of quality time occurs: working long hours, over-studying or having too much on your plate.

Many couples begin to notice a problem in their relationship when their partner begins to show them less affection by not spending enough time with them.

Quality time is a given in a relationship. After all, what are you in a relationship for if you’re not spending time with the person you’ve committed yourself to?

Find time in your day to call or send a text your partner. This shows that you’ve been thinking about them

Just like you schedule work and studying into your life, schedule time for your partner, as well.

4. The joke’s on you.

We’ve all seen the couple who enjoy taking verbal jabs at each other—it’s all in the name of having fun, right? Well, sometimes, a joke can be taken too far or dragged on for too long.

Joking too often with you’re partner can become so redundant that it may begin to feel like disrespect to them. There’s a time and place for everything and sometimes a joke just isn’t what your partner wants to hear.

No one likes to be disrespected. No matter how long you’ve been with someone, there’s still a line that each individual should not cross in the relationship. Maintaining respect for your partner means maintaing love.

5. Show me the money?

Money isn’t everything, but money does play a role in any relationship.

By spoiling someone too much in the beginning of the relationship can actually set you up for failure later down the road. In some cases, the person being spoiled becomes so accustomed to the lifestyle you’ve set up for them that when you begin to give less, it could cause a rift in the relationship.

For couples who live with each other, not being able to pay bills or rent because of a bad spending habit or not having enough money to make it work can cause stress and strain on a couple.

Both parties need to come together and set a budget. Figure out what gets spent on bills, what goes spent on each other, etc.

Find that common ground you and your partner have and stay there. Do for your partner as you want them to do for you and at the same time, give them the respect they deserve and keep the love alive.

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