In life we will always have people in our lives that we can do without. Those that are negative, pessimistic, or even downright mean.

It is sad to think that there are still people in the world that find the need to bring others down, but sadly that is a part of life – however, it does mean that those people have to be a part of yours.

There is never a good reason for people to be mean and treat you poorly and with disrespect and you are under no obligation to keep them in your life regardless of who they are.

Whether it is a friend, a family member, a classmate, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or even a roommate you are never under any obligation or pressure to keep that individual as a part of your life.

Someone bringing you down like that can only cause stress in your life and end up affecting your health. If you need to get back on the health track, check out eVitamins for all your health-related needs!

When you find that someone is making a habit out of bringing you down, making you feel bad about yourself, making sarcastic comments, it is time to get that person out of your life.

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By drawing boundaries and realizing that you are worth more than that you will ensure yourself the respect you deserve.

If the negative influence is a friend or roommate the best thing to do is distance yourself. Tell them how you feel and why you feel the need to separate yourself from your relationship.

Draw lines without being a snob and playing the victim card. When it is a family member or a boyfriend or girlfriend, clear and honest communication is one of the key ingredients to a healthy relationship.

Just as you would with a friend be clear, concise, and influential when explaining how you feel that you have been hurt in your relationship with them.

Once you have drawn boundaries and have effectively worked towards peace with those you are surrounded with, promise yourself that you will not allow yourself to become a punching bag for others insecurity.

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