When it comes to relationships, both short-lived and long-term, we often ask a lot of questions along the way:

Is this right? How does he/she feel about me? How Do I feel? When should I do this, when should I do that?

Relationships are often just a bunch of questions that need to be answered so why not just get to the bottom of it right now? Your most important relationship questions answered here!

Relationship Questions


How Soon Should I: Call/Text After I Get a Number?

This varies across situations, but if you know you like someone and you get their number, why put off what you can do today for 2-3 days?

While no one wants to “show their hand” too early, there is nothing wrong with showing interest if you are in fact interested.

I am not saying you should blow up someone’s phone five minutes after getting their number, but as a girl and as someone who talks about relationships with many different people, it is obvious that putting it out there early on is appreciated by both parties.

If you are receiving the call/text, you feel good about yourself and the person who is showing you interest; there was no waiting game and no one is left wondering. If you are the one sending out the message, be confident in yourself that you are putting out something positive and you will probably get the response you are looking for.

What to wait for: an elevated level of interest toward the other person, however, there is really no reason for you to wait at all. Just go for it, what is the worst that could happen?

How Soon Should I: Hookup/Have Sex?

Again, this answer varies across several situations, but if you are looking for something MORE than a hookup, the best advice I can give to you would be to hold off.

While there is no specified waiting period, I would say you should wait until you feel comfortable with the other person and you feel that you have reached a level where you will not feel regretful after getting intimate.

Taking the time to get know someone BEFORE hopping into bed will benefit you in the long-run; not only will you feel closer to the person when you DO hookup, but you are building a friendship and something more concrete that will last long after your orgasm.

What to wait for: real feelings toward the person and a level of comfortability and mutual respect.

How Soon Should I: Tell Him/Her How I Feel?

While I have a certain view on this particular subject, I feel that I should also shed light on the views of others as well.

For girls, the typical cardinal rule in this arena is to wait until the guy tells you how he feels before revealing your cards. But after talking to several guys about this, they made a few points that actually made a lot of sense.

They expressed to me that if you like someone, you should act on it and tell them how you feel, otherwise you run the risk of losing the person to someone else. Why let someone slip away from you when you have the opportunity to tell them how you feel and possibly take things to the next level?

If you feel strongly about someone, why not put it out there? I would not advise you to do this after a week into seeing someone because the feelings you are experiencing are more lust than anything else, but if some time has passed and you have genuine feelings for someone, you should put it out there.

Wait for two things: some time to pass so you can spend time getting to know the person you are interested in, and a strong conviction of feeling.

How Soon Should I: Be in a Relationship?

This is something only you and the person you are seeing/hooking up with/dating can decide. If you have talked about becoming official and evolving your relationship to another level, then maybe that time is now.

But if you feel on the fence or you just aren’t getting the relationship vibe from the person you like, either your crush is uninterested in being with you (and only you) or maybe a relationship just isn’t in the cards for either of you at this time.

You don’t have to wait x-months in order to be in a relationship; of course, you should always take things slow and never rush into anything you are unsure of, but there really isn’t a specified period of time that works for everyone.

I would wait for a few things: enough time to pass for you to REALLY get to know this person, signs that the other person is looking for a relationship and is willing to commit to you, and an understanding of whether or not your dating expectations match up with the person you are seeing.

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