There are plenty of things in life that bring us joy and even more things that bring us pain. But why does it have to be that way?

If there is anything I have learned as a recent grad, it’s that I wish I had dropped a bunch of things from my life that just weren’t doing it for me at the time. Why waste the precious time you have in college doing things (or someone) you could really care less about?


Take the time to ask yourself these difficult, (but totally necessary) questions to see if you are REALLY happy or if you need to make some adjustments in your life!

Are You Happy With: Your Grades?

While you could ALWAYS use improvement in the grades department, be honest with yourself: are your grades at the level they should be?

– Do you think you could do better than you have been doing?

– Do you have the potential to get better grades, but you have been slacking?

If you are the type to skip class, miss assignments or avoid studying for exams until the night before, maybe it’s time to stop hitting snooze and start hitting the books.

Remember that you are in college to get an education, good grades, and eventually a job.

If you are trying to get into a competitive industry, your grades and your experience are the two things that will distinguish you from all other candidates. Why let an opportunity pass you by because you just had to have that last shot instead of submitting that paper by the deadline? One ‘F’ on your transcript could really affect your cumulative GPA and it could result in you being passed over for a future job.

Are You Happy With: Your Love Life?

While you may feel that you are in love or have been dating the same person for a while, ask yourself these questions: How many times have you had a fight with your significant other this week?

– Do you find yourself constantly flirting with other people wishing you could go home with someone else instead of your partner at the end of the night?

– Do you have multiple reservations regarding your relationship?

– Do your friends point out that you seem less happy these days?

Maybe you should start listening to that voice in your head (and the voices around you) and drop that ball and chain like the bad habit it has become.

The last thing you want to do is look back on college and wish you had spent it with someone else. I know ending a relationship (especially one you have already been in for a while) is difficult, but you will be so much happier if you live out the rest of college with someone who DOES make you happy, or better yet, single!

College is a very unique time in your life where you are completely surrounded by people who are just like you: everyone is of similar age and pursuing a similar goal.

Take advantage of this opportunity to meet (or date) as many people as you like; you have plenty of time to be in a long-term relationship, so why not have fun right now?

Are You Happy With: Your Friends?

While many of you may be perfectly content with the friendships you have formed, some of you may be feeling a bit shafted so ask yourself: do my friends bring out the best in me?

– Are my friends down for me no matter what or do they scatter when problems arise?

– Do my friends love and respect me, or do they talk badly about me behind my back?

– Are these the type of people I want to continue to be friends with even after graduation?

If you feel like the friends you have right now are holding you back or keeping you down, lose them immediately. What you need is a healthy group of supportive friends, not people who will bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself.

If every weekend your friends get themselves or you into trouble or they ditch you when you make plans, forget them and make new friends because there is no point in putting your time and effort into relationships that aren’t going to last anyway.

Join a club or organization and put yourself out there; you will have no problem making new friends. Talk to people in your classes and offer your help or notecards when studying for the big exam. When you go out, invite your neighbors to pre-game with you and make some new friends that way.

Are You Happy With: Your Extracurriculars?

While this covers everything from your sorority/fraternity to your internship, you should really ask yourself one question: is there something else I would be happier doing?

– Do I view this as something I enjoy doing, or something that has become comfortable and familiar?

– Do I view my extracurricular(s) as something that is easier to continue doing than to end because I feel awkward severing ties?

If you are stuck in an internship, job, or organization/club that you are not happy with or no longer enjoying, stop wasting your time! You could be filling your time with things that matter to you and that you would enjoy a lot more.

Hate your boss at your internship and feel unappreciated? Obviously you don’t want to lose the time you put in, but there is nothing wrong with ending one internship and starting another. Can’t stand going to chapter every week and feel like an outsider in your Greek organization? Drop it immediately and pick up something that makes you happy with people who you like being around.

Are You Happy With: Yourself?

Finally, the biggest question of all: are you happy with yourself?

– Do you constantly find things about yourself you wish you could change?

– Do you feel bad when you look at your accomplishments or do you feel full of pride?

– Do you look in the mirror with confidence or do you look the other way?

Whether you are unhappy with your appearance, your unfulfilled goals, your reputation or the person you have become, don’t let another day go by without making a change.

You will never be truly happy in any aspect of your life until you learn to love and understand who you are as an individual. Don’t try to compete with the goals/accomplishments of others; the only person you are in competition with is yourself.

Make a list of goals or the things you want to change and go for them. If you fail, you will only learn something new about yourself and grow as an individual.

Find the strength within yourself to ask these tough questions and be ready with honest answers. If you are not happy with your life, don’t keep living this way; make a change and transform your dreams into reality.

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