For high school seniors, graduation is quickly approaching.

After graduation, you’ll be encountering many new experiences like responsibilities and challenges. But you may also be dragging some baggage like bad habits or even a significant other.

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High school love or “puppy love” is something special, but you may be asking yourself if it’s worth taking with you to college.

It’s vital that you make the right decision for yourself and no one else.

Weigh out the pros and cons and decide if carrying your relationship from high school to college is the right move for you.

Consider the following pros and cons:

You’ll Always Have Someone

College is a completely different atmosphere from high school.

Making friends may be difficult in college, but coming into college with a significant other, you’re guaranteed a friend, a support system.

However, if you’re significant other is off to a slow start with making friends and branching off, they may be a little too clingy which may lead to a quick break-up.

It can also be hard to make friends when you rely on your significant other for support. You may end up relying on him/her to come visit you all the time to make up for the fact that you are too scared to venture out on your own or that you haven’t taken the time to make real friends which will only hurt YOU in the end (especially if you break up).

Love From A Distance

If you’re in a long distance relationship, being away from each other can increase the love between you and your partner making the moment you finally see each other more intense and passionate.

But consider the fact that your circle of friends will expand and temptation will be lurking around every corner. If it becomes difficult to stay faithful, your high school sweetheart may not be the one for you.

To take a relationship from high school to college is a major step. College brings up many opportunities and many new people that may catch your eye.

In order for a long term relationship to continue to grow, both parties have to want it equally. A high school relationship transferring to college will grow and mature, but also has the potential to crash and burn.

You guys aren’t kids anymore. You’ll begin to encounter adulthood relationship issues such as living with each other, deciding if one or both of you should transfer, spending time and money to come see one another, and plenty of other issues that could cause strife in your relationship.

It’s hard work, but it’s possible. Of course if  the relationship becomes too strenuous, it may not be worth it, but that is a decision both you and your partner will make if the time comes.

Remember: allow no one to make this decision for you because it’s your relationship and your life. If you want to be with this person and you are sure of it, don’t let him/her get away. If you are having doubts and are unsure, you may want to rethink your relationship.

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