I’m going to try to keep this post short and sweet, just like the HR/Recruiting experts I trust, love, adore, and am friends with say a 20-somethings resume should be.

While writing this post, I’m going to keep my thoughts to a minimum, take out important details from what I’ve learned in my recruiting experiences, and bunch everything together so that I don’t go beyond 375 words (or one page).



Doesn’t that sound just like your resume writing strategy? Yep, it does. Yikes.

Before going too much further, please realize I’m not advising you to write up a 5-page resume.

I don’t support anything that is a waste, so after reading this quick rant you definitely shouldn’t go nutty- banana-party on your resume, stretching it for pages and pages.

Not all college students, but a portion of them are involved in leadership positions, activity programming boards, and work internships.

Some do all of this while making the Dean’s List, studying abroad, and getting inducted into their program’s honors society.

As a recruiter, I want to know every bit of that deliciousness.

I want to see every leadership position. I want to know the activities you planned on campus. I definitely want to know which internships, and how many you took on while you were a full-time student. I want to know it all.

Flaunt it, baby. Flaunt it.

Don’t hold back. Let us read the goods. List everything worth mentioning, which means things of value to the company.  Provide details, but don’t fill your resume with BS either.

With every addition to your resume, ask yourself, “Does this prove my value?”  If yes, then please include. If no, then take it off. So simple.

No one expects that you have the experience to warrant more than one page. If you really do, then prove them wrong.

What’s your opinion? We want to know!

Do you think I’m a jackass?  Great, tell me that, and make sure you tell me why.

What have your career offices/counselors told you about resume length?

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