Featured Artist and Song: Lykke Li “I Follow Rivers”

Introducing a new segment with a featured artist and song: today, I give you a gift from Sweden. Lykke Li and her new single “I Follow Rivers.”

I’ve been dying for new Lykke Li material since her triumphant debut of her album, Youth Novels. Her first big hit was “Little Bit” that was sampled by Drake on his infamous mixtape “So Far Gone”.

The second single “I Follow Rivers” comes after the successful first track “Get Some” and shows the other spectrum of Lykke Li’s sound. If “Get Some” (featured in the Hawaii 5-0 and Victoria Secret commercial) was the in-your-face-energetic-song, this one showcases the emotionally relaxed version. However  I don’t want to limit the song; it still grooves and is far from a “slow” ballad.

Lykke Li, I Follow Rivers

Lykke Li has grown into quite the songwriter. She has such a big vision and really loves art in its complete sense of the word.

Her teasers for this album were reminiscent of the 70s. She is absolutely channeling her inner gypsy (a la Stevie Nicks and early Cher) with her look and vision. This new track features new instrumentation and cool drums. Her vocals here are stronger than last time and more confident in her insecruties.

In “Youth Novels” she was learning of her weaknesses; here, she understands and utilizes them with her strengths to create a sexy, strong, confident sound.

The instrumentation features heavier tribal style drums, as well as a jungle feel to it. It’s a very unique sound and compliments her voice well.

The best part is the music video that is connected to it. It features her in a dark cloak following a man through the wood paths. At the end of the video, she catches up to him and he cries in her arms; it’s like she is death, following behind the troubled man.

This song is a great indication of her new album, Wounded Rhymes, and it will no doubt be an amazing album.

Check out the official video at her VEVO music page here

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