Finding a Summer Job: Which Job is Right For You?

Spring break has arrived and it’s about time to start applying for those summer jobs.

It may seem like finding work is not as much of a priority as acing those midterms, but a few months from now, your job will be your main activity and source of revenue so don’t blow it off.

Learn about the details of popular college jobs in order to avoid being miserable the whole summer season; find the job that best fits you so you aren’t hot AND miserable all vacation.


Ice Cream

1. Ice Cream Stand

This is one of the most common job opportunities during the summer. When the temperature goes up, along with people’s spirits, they all want frozen treats.

This job is often fast-paced due to the demand by customers; however you will become an expert within a few weeks.

You may not be able to get the smell of sour milk out of your clothes; however you will make a lot of friends working the front register as people are always open to chat when they are buying ice cream! You may even get to try each type of ice cream—an added bonus!

2. Lifeguard

Unlike scooping ice cream, this job requires training and previous experience. If you are fortunate enough to have a strong swimming background, then manning the lifeguard stand at a local pool or beach is ideal.

You will get a great tan while also being the object of visitors’ adoration during each of your shifts.

Be warned that beach lifeguards tend to have much more responsibility and activity. When the waves are rough, you will be running into the dangerous breakers, rather than swimming to safety.

This summer job is not for the faint of heart and must love kids!

3. Sales at a Clothing Store

Another hot spot for summer jobs is the malls. If you work at one of these retail locations, you will have to endure longer shifts than other jobs, however your tasks are more leisurely and not as “high demand,” typically.

Get ready to fold clothes and watch as customers thoughtlessly throw them about on the tables. Patience and a love for customer interaction is vital in this summer employment.

4. Camp Counselor

This job is great if you love being active and interacting with little kids. Camp Counselors are positions that fill early on in the job hunt process, so if you are interested, apply right away!

These spots are taken fast for good reason. Camp Counselors get to spend their days outside, playing games and doing arts and crafts. Be prepared to get dirty, but responsible when necessary; you are the adult in these young kids’ eyes.

Summer is supposed to be an enjoyable part of the year. Choosing the perfect job for you is essential in determining how happy your days off will be so take the time to do some investigating before taking the first job that comes along.

Camp Counselor

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