Fast Facts on the Royal Wedding

As you may not have heard (and I doubt you haven’t) Prince William, the current heir to the British crown, is set to marry Catherine “Kate” Middleton in a wedding this Friday that many have likened to that of Prince Charles and Princess Di. So, for your perusal, here are some pithy updates about the royal wedding and all its trappings.
  • The couple are tying the knot in Westminster Abbey, a change from the usual High Altar
  • The wedding is costing a reported 10  million pounds
  • Kate’s wedding dress is still one of the best-kept secrets in England but, knowing her, the dress is going to be something classy. And who says she’s going to wear just one dress, anyway?
  • 1,000 of the wedding will be relatives; the other 900 are people such as politicians and celebrities (guest appearance by the Beckham family!) Kanye West also got an invite, so there’s that for your day
  • Kate will be 29 when she gets married, making her the oldest royal bride ever
  • There are talks of a Lifetime movie about William and Kate’s relationship
  • There are not only commemorative tea towels and cups, but also tote bags, snow globes, cupcakes, and condoms
  • If you choose to watch this momentous occasion, TV coverage start tomorrow at 4AM (yes, you read that correctly) with the official ceremony broadcasting at 6AM, EST from American channels such as E!, TLC, and CNN.

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