End of the Semester: How to Finish the Year Off Right

Whether you’re graduating or you have another year or two ahead or you, you want to finish off the year right.

What does this mean? You’ve still got a month left in the year to turn your grades around and take control of your semester so get to work today!

1. Get those grades up.

You don’t want to regret not getting the best grades possible and while you may have the attitude of “it’s too late in the semester,” it’s NEVER too late to get a better grade and raise your GPA.

My senior year, I had missed a bunch of classes for my discussion group for a large Anthropology class. While I could have just let it go and taken the deduction on my grade, I decided to be proactive the last month of school and ask for extra credit assignments to raise my grade.

Thankfully, the extra credit paid off as I did very well on all of my exams and without the extra credit, my GPA would have been much lower.

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2. Don’t quit the gym just yet.

You will be kicking yourself if you worked your butt off (literally) all year just to slack off right before summer and lose all of that muscle tone!

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in exams and forget about heading to the gym and eating right.

I know it can be easy to get pizza on the nights you are staying up late studying or to drink heavily on the weekend to blow off steam during exams, but you should also make time for yourself and that means taking care of your body, too.

3. Get focused.

This means, if you have a crazy hookup partner that brings drama to your life on the weekends or you have a roommate who likes to party into the wee hours of the morning, you need to figure out a way to get those things cleared from your life and mind so you can focus on finishing the year right.

Whether you are studying for one or walking in to take it, the last thing you need is a distraction before a big exam so get rid of the distractions in your life before they wreak havoc on your grades. If you need to pay a bill, don’t put it off, pay it now so you can focus on the things you need to get done.

4. Get your materials in order.

If you need a book from a friend, you need to borrow notes or you want to get the most money for your book at the buyback, take the necessary steps to do all of those things.

Make photocopies of the pages you will need for your exam before turning in your book for dough, ask a friend for his/her notes AHEAD of time so you will have plenty of time to make copies, and if you need to borrow a book, ask now and take care of it ahead of time.

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5. Plan a schedule.

Since you have a month to prepare, make up a studying schedule for each of your exams and plan out when each one is so you won’t be surprised if you have two or three exams on one day.

Start setting aside time each day of the week for studying, reading chapters, taking notes or going over past exams.

The further in advance you prepare for your exams, the more prepared you will be on the day you take them!

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