College Fun Without the Booze: 5 Activities That Don’t Involve Alcohol

Many college movies portray college students as crazed, alcoholic party animals.

But as many of you may already know, college life is not JUST a four-year party scene. Yeah, college has it’s crazy moments. However, every college moment is not occupied by alcohol.

Water Gun Fight

College life offers many other activities that don’t involve the use of alcohol.

1. Find a hookah bar

For those of you who don’t know, a hookah is a tobacco pipe that has a long, flexible tube attached to it that brings in smoke through water from a bowl when inhaled.

Flavored tobacco is used in the process and it’s good, clean fun for students 18-years-old or older.

We’re not saying you should pick it up as a weekly habit, but it’s a fun thing to try with your friends.

2. Water fight

On days when it’s hot outside, grab a hose or head to the sink. Gather up some water balloons or water guns and have a wet and wild time!

Make it a classic hide-and-go-seek game to make it a little more adventurous. Just because you’re in college, it doesn’t mean your inner child doesn’t want to come out and play.

3. Movie night

Movie nights are always good for sleepovers with friends or snuggling up to that special someone.

You can subscribe to Netflix and watch hundreds of movies. But if you’re on a tight budget, look online for a Redbox near you in which you can rent movies for just a dollar a day.

Pop some popcorn, bring out some candy or drinks and enjoy the night with friends or loved ones.

4. Explore your city

You’re pretty much on campus Monday through Friday so on the weekends (or a special week night), find out what your city has to offer you.

Look up events or celebrations happening in your town. Check out the restaurants, museums and parks your city has available. You never know what you may find whether it’s a festival or a book signing, you may be surprised at what you city or town has to offer you.

5. Join or start an organization/club

Sometimes it’s fun to just hang out and talk with friends. One of the best ways to make friends in college is by joining or starting an organization/club.

If you’re the type who really enjoys partying, try letting go of the alcohol. Sometimes, people go to places and only have fun if they’re drinking, but you should learn to have fun when you’re sober, too.

There’s always something fun and exciting to do that doesn’t involve the use of alcohol, so try one of these activities this week and enjoy yourself and your friends soberly!

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