Chef Boy-ar-Dorm: Cuisine Without the Kitchen

Eating in college can prove to be a problem.

Dining halls may have odd timing, their food may not be the greatest, or perhaps you just don’t feel like going to the nearest hall.

But if there is one thing college kids are good at, its improvising and finding creative solutions to every problem.

A quick trip to a grocery or convenience store, could allow you to stock your fridge with all types of ingredients for cool foods. Here are a couple of my favorite dorm recipes!

French Toast

French Toast:

Of course, bread and eggs are always staple foods of life.

Try dipping bread (or strips of it), in beaten egg, then microwave for 2 minutes. The key is to not soak the bread for too long because you will end up with simply soggy bread. Cinnamon and honey are great touches as well.


Nothing like fresh cooked eggs for breakfast! However, you may be accustomed to foul, pale cafeteria eggs.

How do you remedy this situation without a stove? By using my favorite peice of cooking equipment: The microwave.

Crack an egg into a lightly-greased (butter spread works) microwaveable bowl, preferably covered with plastic wrap. The number one rule in microwaving eggs is to make sure the egg has no shell, and the egg has been beaten. This will prevent little explosions in your microwave. You can season your egg with whatever spices your heart desires.

I prefer the classic salt and pepper and occasionally some shredded cheese thrown in the last thirty seconds. The full time should be two to three minutes, at 50% power, until the eggs look done.

Mashup Sandwich:

Sandwiches are great because you can literally do ANYTHING with them. The freedom is exhilirating.

A loaf of bread, and anything in your fridge could made a great, tasty combination. My personal favorite is peanut butter, with Honeybunches of Oats and Honey Roasted Peanuts between two slices of banana bread.

Try whatever you have lying around! I have tried Ramen Noodles and rice- the possibilities are endless.


Leftovers can accumulate in the fridge and eventually go bad. Instead, save them for a better use!

A couple of cans of chicken broth, and you are in business. Simply scoop your leftovers into a bowl, pour broth over it, and warm it up. My favorite mixture was leftover chinese food and breakfast sausage.

Rice n’ Stuff:

Many convenience stores sell little packets of dried rice that can be warmed in the microwave. They usually come flavored, but you can personalize them by adding vegetables or other foods.

I personally prefer french fries and TGIF popcorn chicken.

Have fun with it!

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