Scared woman

I had some of my best and worst memories staying in a college dorm my freshman and sophomore year, and any other college student who has lived on -ampus can probably agree that it is certainly an experience.

For those of you who thought living on-campus was a cake-walk and had no problems whatsoever or for those who haven’t experienced it at all, this isn’t for you.

Scared woman

Freshman Year is Full of Fun… But Not in This Dorm.

My very first year at my university I got to stay in one of the newly renovated dorms that had freshly painted walls and carpet; sounds great right?

Well, not so much.

Although the decor was fancy, I still had to live with a floor full of girls whose attitudes and personalities were completely different than mine. Sometimes this can be a good thing…and then sometimes it wasn’t., but in this case, it was not.

Story 1:

One morning when I was leaving from class I hear a scream come from the girl’s bathroom (my first instinct was to run, so I ran). Later on that day when I got back to the dorm, one of the other girls informed me that someone had made a bowel movement in the shower and it somehow ended up in the soap dish.

We didn’t have the luxury of having bathrooms in our rooms and had to share a big bathroom, that had about 5 toilets and 4 showers, with all of the other girls on the floor.

The disgust that crept over me made me absolutely overjoyed that I had taken a shower earlier that morning instead of waiting until later. From that point on I cautiously checked the showers every time before I stepped in to make sure no one had mistaken them for toilets.

Story 2:

Another bizarre incident happened to a friend of mine, Kimyana Jones a freshman at Florida A&M University, who lives in a dorm now.

“It was around six in the morning and it was raining really bad outside. I had to use the bathroom. Our bathrooms are down the hall from our rooms so I had to walk there.  When I got to the lobby I saw something in the distance but didn’t know what it was, so I moved in a little closer I realized it was a frog. I am deathly afraid of frogs, so naturally I started to scream. Three girls that heard me came out of their rooms to see what was wrong and when I told them they noticed that there were frogs all over the lobby and in the basement. The dorm officials and RA’s had to call maintenance to get the frogs out. Needless to say, I am still paranoid to walk through there at night.”

Living on-campus has it’s benefits, but it also has it’s disasters. Even if you have these types of experiences, the good ones that you have and the bonds that you form while in the dorm will making it all worthwhile.

College is a time for new experiences and living in a dorm will ensure that. You will meet a lot of new people, make a bunch of friends, and probably some enemies, but all-in-all you will have a great time in each dorm you live in.

And of this of it this way: at least you’ll have some really awesome stories to tell after graduation!

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