To be honest, sex is an extremely common factor in college.

If you’re not having it, you either want to, are trying to, or it’s on your mind in some fashion.

With that being said, being a virgin in college can be difficult for those who are not trying to have sex with just anybody.

For those who are still holding on to their virginity, it might be difficult to keep it because of the all the temptation that surrounds college students.

When I first came to college, I was still a virgin and didn’t plan on losing my virginity until I was married. Then the summer of my freshman year I met a guy and fell in love. He fully respected me and was intrigued with my mind. The fact that he was completely in love with me and the feelings I felt for him made me want to give that special part of me to him.

We’re not together anymore, but in retrospect I’m happy with the decision that I made.

A friend of mine who is graduating soon (and has been a virgin through her entire college career) doesn’t mind the fact that she hasn’t done it yet:

“I haven’t found the person that is worth giving [my virginity] to. I need somebody thats going to respect my decision to be a virgin. Finding somebody like that to trust in college is hard, a lot of people aren’t honest and understanding [about being a virgin].”

From a guy’s perspective, being a virgin can be stressful with the pressure that most males put on other males to have sex.

Although thats not always the case, a friend of mine, who is a recent grad, recently lost his virginity and said that the pressure and influence from others to have sex never bothered him:

“I was waiting for marriage and I looked at sex as something sacred. There was no temptation for me because I wasn’t strongly influenced by anything. My friends would always ask why I was still a virgin or try to get me to do it, but I’m sort of an outcast and I don’t mind admitting that. Thats not typically something a guy would admit, but it doesn’t bother me.”

Temptation can be a horrible thing, but being a virgin in college is not the worst thing in the world. As long as you keep your faith, stand behind your reasoning and stay focused, you’ll be perfectly fine.

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