It’s Monday and you have spent all of last night cramming for your midterm exam you have coming up. Your energy level is so low, you know that your studying will have gone to waste when you fall asleep during the test.

This is the time when students reach for the easy solution: a cup of coffee.

While this drink is both convenient and works fast, the long term effects are not as great.

Insomnia, accelerated heart rates and even an increase in the risk of liver cancer are just some of the consequences you may deal with when deciding to drink this caffeinated beverage.

This is why it is necessary to look for healthy alternatives that will be better for you, but still give you the burst of energy you are looking for.

These options will help you toss that cup of Joe in no time at all!

Coffee Cup

Preliminary Action:

Before you completely stop drinking coffee, there are a few foods and supplements that may ease the cravings.

Clams, fish, and cheese are three foods that should be added to your diet during the first week.

Also, if possible, taking vitamin B12 can help to reduce the withdrawal symptoms associated with drinking coffee and caffeinated beverages.

Now you are ready to begin!


1. Green tea

This drink not only comes in various flavors to satisfy the pickiest of taste buds, but it’s also packed with antioxidants which reduce the risk of cancer and improve metabolism.

2. Cocoa powder

Oh yes, this does mean chocolate. The right kind can help blood flow and is fat free! This can be blended with milk and/or sugar, in order to set off that somewhat unpleasant bitter taste.

3. Real Fruit Smoothies

These drinks are great due to their high fruit and vitamin content.

My particular favorite is the Pina Colada ( non-alcoholic of course).

This fantastic concoction can be created by mixing pineapple chunks, low-fat coconut, water and tofu. However, if the word tofu freaks you out, plain or vanilla yogurt works, too.



With the help of these healthy alternatives, you should be able to kick the coffee addiction in no time and be on the way to a healthier, more energetic you!


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