Most college kids aim for internships in the summer, but it’s a lot harder than it seems. Sometimes you don’t know what your major is (and therefore can’t really “intern”) and other times you don’t have enough experience (a common problem for rising sophomores).

If you don’t have any plans for an internship this summer, consider the following options to make your summer productive:

1. Summer Classes

If you’ve got time to kill–and the budget to fund it–then take summer courses. Courses in the summer are more fast-paced, but often easier since you focus your energy on one course as opposed to multiple. Tackle some of the harder courses in your major over a summer class.

2. Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is a great way to fill your summer, even if it’s just two days a week. While giving back to your community, you’re also building your resume and keeping time out for yourself to relax over your break. It’s a win-win-win!

peace corps

3. Job

If you don’t have an internship then the next best thing is to get a job. While it’s no replacement for a relevant internship, getting a job can teach you basic work place skills and provide you with extra cash for the academic year.

4. Cultivate An Interest

After earning your degree’s, you will never get a summer vacation again (unless you work in teaching). Use up idle time by cultivating an interest whether it’s taking photography lesson, enrolling in a cooking class or learning karate.

5. Travel Abroad

Broaden your horizons by traveling abroad. A great way to kill two birds with one stone is to combine traveling with the options above. Consider volunteer opportunities in foreign countries, jobs abroad or classes at foreign sister-universities.

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