how to write a letter of interest? If you have never written a cover letter, it's time to brush up on the basics. Find out some basic tips to make sure you put the right foot forward and make a great first impression with your potential employer.' />

Regardless of what means you use to get an internship, it’s important to put the right foot forward! We’ve shared how to score an internship, how to clean up your Facebook and now we’re going to share little pointers for writing your letter of interest!


Your letter of interest will vary based on your field, internship type and interest. That being said, there are some points that are universal to all fields!

Why? Because first impressions matter, and in this case, your first impression is the email or letter you send out!

If you need more help than just covering the basics, try; they’ll get you going in the right direction toward the career of your choice!

A. Don’t use Internet Slang

While the Oxford Dictionary has added “lol” and “omg” into their dictionary, suffice to say that it won’t make a lasting impression to use it in an internship request. Make sure all your words are in their proper forms; don’t use: u, ur, luv, fave, ttyl, or other short forms.

Also, no smiley faces; they’re completely unprofessional!

B. Provide the basic information

Make sure your email provides the basic information: your class year, your major, your name, your email, phone number and lastly, always attach your resume.

These are all basic facts about yourself that the individual looking through your application shouldn’t have to ask for!

C. Format your email/letter

Keep your letter simple and basic: Times New Roman; size 12; black font.

Don’t make your letter pink or put an illegible font unless you think that will give you an advantage in your specific field.

D. Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!

It’s not hard to make a silly typo while typing out a train of thought and it’s super easy to overlook your OWN writing errors.

Ask a friend to to read over your cover letter for glaring mistakes or give yourself a thirty-minute break before proofreading!

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