If you know how to speak properly, write and how to put words together, chances are, you’re a communications major.

With a degree in communications, it is vital that you know how to articulate your ideas to your future clients or employer.



Yet, you may be wondering what type of job opportunities are available.

There many job opportunities available as well as many types of communication fields: graphic communications or mass communications, to name a couple.

But the communications degree I’m talking about is HOW people put to use their knowledge of how the exchange of ideas and information.

Job Requirements

According to MyPlan.com, in order to succeed as a communications major, you must posses five skills:

1. Speaking: as mentioned before, you must be able to articulate your ideas properly.

2. Reading Comprehension: you have to be able to understand any documents that you handle.

3. Writing: others have to be able to comprehend your written/rewritten communication.

4. Active Listening: you must be able to give your undivided attention to others who are talking to you. It’s important that you learn how to dissect what other people are saying to you.

5. Instructing: not everyone got a degree, let alone in communications, therefore, you have to be able to teach other people what you know.


Along with the top five skills, MyPlan.com claims that you must also possess these specific abilities:

– Oral Expression

– Speech Clarity

– Oral Comprehension

– Written Expression

– Written Comprehension

Potential Jobs

Here’s a list of some jobs from MyPlan.com that you can use your communications degree in:

– Attorney

– Communications Consultant

– Company Spokesperson

– Government Mediator


– Lobbyist

– Politician

– Publicist

– Research Specialist

– Speech Writer

Bare in mind, though, that you may have to take on another major or a minor in order to succeed in certain job fields.

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