We are approaching 2011 and the dependency on technology only seems to grow. Why write letters when we can send e-mails? Why talk on the phone when we can text?

Why buy a map when we can use a GPS?


Although the use of a GPS is extremely convenient, the real question is:

Are they safe?

They are designed to communicate with satellite’s in order to give us adequate directions, but sometimes things go wrong.

The GPS can cause problems with private paved roads are added to our route without the intention of the device and it doesn’t have the ability to tell the difference between the two.

Some examples of what the dependency on a GPS can result in:

Faith in GPS sends Mercedes downstream when the driver listens to GPS instead of signs warning of danger.

GPS causes accident in France when an elderly man made an “immediate U-turn” on a highway due to a GPS prompt.

Man follows GPS straight into a train and his car gets smashed. He’s lucky he wasn’t still in the car.

British Village Requests Removal From GPS Maps after too many trucks caused accidents in the town’s narrow streets.

So on your way back to campus for the spring semester, stop at the gas station and pick up a map–especially if it’s your first drive because your GPS doesn’t really have a mind, it’s only a computer.

You should always learn to use a map or have backup directions because you never know if your GPS will malfunction, lose battery, or stop working when you need it the most.

Don’t rely on technology to get you through every thing in your life; learning how to use a map is important and looking up the directions beforehand will save you a lot of time, trouble, or in the worst case scenario, your life.

In peace, love and happiness


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