Everyone has their type and everyone has their own idea of what beautiful is. That is, until the media begins to play a major role on what we, as a society, view as beautiful.

It is a problem seen around the world, girls from every culture stare in awe at the “beautiful” women on television and on the front of magazine covers.

But how real are they?


On magazine covers and on the runway, women are so small, it is unbelievable they are still alive! But of course, this is considered beautiful.

Young girls who admire and idolize these women find themselves in a trap like no other–girls like  you and I, who are trying to graduate from college with a plan.

Eating disorders have evolved from such situations because women are in dire need to be on the level of “beauty” that society accepts.

According to Examiner.com, 1 out of 5 women struggle with an eating disorder.

Below is a video that I found on Daily Motion of a “beautiful” woman on a billboard. It is incredible to watch her transform into a whole new person.

The video leaves this question: Are we not suppose to be ourselves?

Dove Evolution
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Love yourself!

In peace, love and happiness


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